Axios: A Corporate-Sponsored Anti-Trump Website In Disguise As “Honest Media”

Axios Co-Founder & Executive Editor Mike Allen

A new media project has recently taken shape on the internet, describing itself as “the cleanest, smartest, most efficient and trust-worthy experience for readers and advertisers alike”, but peeling back the layers of what’s inside reveals the truth behind Axios Media and its motivations.

Axios is a digital publication that has sprung up seemingly out of nowhere in the last eight months, and has quickly become an accepted “news source” by media outlets everywhere. Indeed, their own manifesto leads off with the following:

All of us left cool, safe jobs to start a new company with this shared belief: Media is broken — and too often a scam.

And yet, everything about Axios indicates that it is even worse than the “broken media” it claims to have separated from.  From its inception, to its founding members, employees, sponsors, and even the launch date of the website – everything about Axios points to it being a corporate-sponsored platform aimed at subverting President Trump, and anything but the “honest media” they claim to be founded as.

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Why Gun Sales Have Declined Under Trump

Many of us welcomed Trump to the Presidency with a sense of pride. However, there is one group for whom the new (ish) president has brought some bad news – gun store owners, and gun manufacturers.

This is because gun sales have seen a significant drop since the election of Trump. But don’t worry – this does not indicate waning enthusiasm for people to own guns. Quite the opposite. It appears that demand has dropped because people feel that their rights to own guns will be protected under the new administration.

The extent to which this is true remains to be seen. While Trump seemed to be pro-gun during the election campaign, and though his campaign eventually won the backing of the NRA, it is not clear that there is a concrete policy position on gun rights. Like a lot of issues raised by the new administration, Trump’s stance on gun rights is frustratingly vague and lacking in details.

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Episode 06 – FMShooter Podcast

Episode 06 of the Free Market Shooter podcast has been released; this week’s episode again features Jon Hall as a “guest” of the show.  A link is below:

Episode 06 – FMShooter Podcast

This week’s episode features extended discussion on the recent events in Charlottesville, how they relate to American politics, Robert Mueller’s status as a “swamp creature” in disguise, and much more.


More information about the podcast, as well as a full recap of all episodes, can be found at the FMShooter Podcast page on this site, which is also linked in the site’s page list.

If you are interested in coming on the Free Market Shooter podcast as a guest, please contact Duane Norman.

Everything “Progressives” Stand for is the Opposite of Actual Societal Progress

As the dust settled following the recent rally riot in Virginia, the flames continued burning on the internet long after the streets were cleared. Even on a subject that seems relatively agreeable in that everyone involved probably deserved a good punch, a greater issue arose that was reminiscent of so many arguments past: leftists using the event as an opportunity to make a blanket statement that all Trump supporters fit the bill of these pathetic racist morons.

It’s been a battle that Trump supporters have fought since day one, and things have not seemed to change at all. But does the issue lie with the Trump supporters, or with those who have grown so comfortable accusing these people of something so awful?

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Everything About Charlottesville Is Divisive And Wastes Our Time

I’ve been hesitant to write about this weekend’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia, since we’d all be better served by not giving more attention to two groups of people whose congregations always end in violence, riots, arrests, and the like.  The BBC aptly described both groups below:

The alt-right – a disparate group of pro-Donald Trump provocateurs who critics say are bigoted white nationalists – has a reputation for trolling and online bullying. Now some believe they may have met their match in the form of a group of left-wing anarchists whose tactics are arguably more extreme.

They’re called “antifa”, short for “anti-fascist”. The movement has its roots in 1930s Europe, but has had a low profile for much of the intervening period. Now the recent surge in nationalist movements across the globe has given it a new enemy to fight.

Antifa activists say they are committed to fighting fascism and racism in all its forms. Some aren’t averse to violence, and the movement wasted little time in making its presence felt. Protests held during Donald Trump’s inauguration turned violent. Restaurant windows were smashed, a car was set on fire and objects were thrown at the police. More than 200 arrests were made.

Everyone who shows up to these gatherings expects some sort of “counter-protest” from the other side to materialize near them, which is why they come prepared with weapons of all sorts, including bats and other blunt objects, and sometimes firearms, often carried openly.  In the case of Antifa, they will sport face coverings/masks, so their identities aren’t “doxxed” to the public.  Indeed this is something they should be afraid of, as their employers (assuming they have jobs, of course) would likely not continue to employ them if they knew their employee voluntarily attended a protest they knew would turn violent.  Which is why I state the following, in the clearest of terms:

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On Charlottesville: Why We Can’t Let The Divide-And-Conquer Tactics of the Mainstream Media Prevail


Days ago, an Ohio man drove a car into counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing 1 and wounding scores. Eyewitnesses called the act intentional – and video of the incident shows the car having ample time and space to accelerate before plowing recklessly into the crowd. No matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on, this is an act of cowardice and evil.

I disavow any violence or hate from either side – regardless if it’s Antifa or the Alt-Right.

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Head of Trump/Russia Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, Is Really Just A “Swamp Creature” In Disguise

In May of 2017, Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel overseeing the investigation into alleged ties and collusion between President Trump and Russia. Though CNN was quick to call Mueller “nonpolitical”, nothing could be further from the truth. For instance, WND has compiled a list of scandals Mueller oversaw during his tenure as FBI Director from 2001 to 2013; spanning both the Bush and Obama administrations.

Reported by WND, from – here are some of the more well-known scandals:

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Episode 05 – FMShooter Podcast

Episode 05 of the Free Market Shooter podcast has been released; this week’s episode again features Jon Hall as a “guest” of the show.  A link is below:

Episode 05 – FMShooter Podcast

This week’s episode features discussion on recent developments in the Seth Rich saga, the hacking of the Armatix IP1 “smart” gun and the failure of New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg, Tesla vehicles and other “green” energy’s hidden carbon costs, and much more.


More information about the podcast, as well as a full recap of all episodes, can be found at the FMShooter Podcast page on this site, which is also linked in the site’s page list.

If you are interested in coming on the Free Market Shooter podcast as a guest, please contact Duane Norman.

Tesla Cars Aren’t As Carbon (And Taxpayer) Friendly As You Think

Tesla proponents love to remind people how their vehicles are “carbon free” (in spite of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s own carbon profligate lifestyle):

Fact: the Tesla Model S is an environmentally friendly, zero emissions electric vehicle that won’t pollute the air like gas-powered cars. Carbon emissions from a gas car’s tailpipe has a dangerous impact on global warming…. In addition, Tesla CEO Elon Musk explains that, “combustion cars emit toxic gases. According to an MIT study, there are 53,000 deaths per year in the U.S. alone from auto emissions.”

But in reminding people about how they don’t burn fossil fuels, they make sure to omit and/or obfuscate all the other emissions-laden factors that go into production of Tesla automobiles, including the oft-unspoken costs of the vehicles to the taxpayer and to other auto manufacturers.

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“Smart Gun” Peddled By 60 Minutes Hacked With $15 Magnets

In an article written for Single Dude Travel about a year ago, I exposed the laughable promotion of the Armatix IP1 firearm by 60 Minutes, and of the pitfalls of “smart guns” and the legislation that will require their implementation:

They did grant a minuscule amount of deference to the New Jersey legislation that has held up smart gun development, as well as the hypocrisy of the proposed replacement, even though they made almost no mention of the stupid demands of both the old and new Weinberg bills. The whole piece was focused upon forcing the NRA and gun manufacturers to fund smart gun technology, despite dearth of demand for such guns among US consumers.

A closer look at the New Jersey legislation shows that it is indeed a mandate for smart gun technology, which is why it was so vehemently opposed by the NRA:

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