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Bloomberg Spent $20 Million On Nevada Background Check Initiative, Only To Have It Deemed Unenforceable

In the recent election, Nevada residents voted yes on “Ballot Question 1” by a very slim margin (less than 10,000 total votes, which was less than 1% of the total vote).  The initiative requires that all private party gun transfers be subject to a federal background check through the National Instant Criminal Background Check system (NICS), which is administered by the FBI.

Notably, billionaire Michael Bloomberg spent $20 million of his own money peddling the initiative through the various gun control groups he funds, including but not limited to: Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, and Americans for Responsible Solutions.  It seems that they didn’t bother to spend any of the money to ask a lawyer if the initiative was even legal, because on Wednesday, the Nevada Attorney General released an opinion deeming the law unenforceable.  The reason for this?  The FBI told the state on Dec. 14 that they will not conduct the checks as mandated by Nevada’s ballot question. 

How did they let themselves get to this point? Its simple enough: because the Bloomberg groups know so little about firearms and how they are actually purchased, they overlooked one major detail that gun rights groups commonly educate first-time gun buyers on. 

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NYPD Raids Wrong House, Arrests Owners… And Snapchats The Whole Ordeal

On Thursday night, right before Christmas, the NYPD raided a Brownsville home.  They arrested the residents, and one of the officers was even brazen enough to post Snapchats of the entire affair, with the caption “Merry Christmas Its NYPD!”

Only problem?  The NYPD raided the wrong house.

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If Has Never Made Money In Its 20+ Years Of Existence, How Is It Still Operating?

Matt Forney made an interesting observation last week –, which has been operating since 1995, in the very early days of the internet, has never once turned a profit.  Its not as though this is some podunk website – with a current global rank of #2,100 on Alexa, Salon is one of the most frequently linked sites on Facebook and Twitter feeds by liberals everywhere.

Similarweb cites Salon as having 26.1 million views per month.  For reference, the only website that Free Market Shooter contributes to that has more monthly page views is ZeroHedge. As per Similarweb, none of the others have more than 1 million pageviews per month.  Yet, all of them still turn a profit, despite having far less traffic than Salon.  In the case of ZeroHedge, Salon’s nearest traffic competitor that this website contributes to, the profitability of the website is likely significant.

So, how exactly is still in business?  More importantly, how has it been able to operate, despite losing money for over 20 years?

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Since Trump Appears Dead-Set On Cancelling The F-35, What Should Replace It?

It appears Trump isn’t going to stop with one tweet about the F-35, because last night, he again tweeted about the defense project.

And, as covered by Zerohedge, the market for both Lockheed and Boeing shares reacted accordingly, as can be seen below:

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Philadelphia After Trump’s Win – Pro-Trump Hoaxes, And Anti-Trump Vandalism Going Unpunished

Like many cities across the United States, Philadelphia has experienced a surge in anti-Trump demonstrations following Trump’s victory in the election.  Protesters took to the streets, and remained there even after over a full week since Election Day had passed, continuing to protest.  As NBC10 reported, protesters took to the streets during the day, during clearly organized protests with obvious evidence of central planning:

“This event is to protest president-elect Donald Trump, vice president-elect Mike Pence & the Electoral College,” an organizer wrote. “Trump is a racist, bigoted, misogynistic, narcissist who makes fun of the disabled and he does NOT represent me or the hundreds of millions of people who did NOT vote for him.”

(Question: Do these people have jobs?  If so, are their employers OK with them taking time off to protest?  Or, are they paid professional protesters?)

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Pizzagate – Like It Or Not, This Story Is Never Going Away


I’ve been hesitant to write about Pizzagate, primarily because the rest of the internet has already covered the story incredibly well.  It felt like without something substantial to add, anything I said would just end up being a hodgepodge of links from other sources who did a better job of describing the saga than I ever could.  After constant commentary from readers, all of whom were upset with the MSM burying the story, I finally deciding on a new perspective to share.

This story is never going away.  No matter how hard the MSM, authorities, or establishment tries to bury it, it will never die.

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BuzzFeed And The NYDN – Click-Bait Headlines, False Stories, And Virtually Nonexistent Retractions

On Thursday, December 1st,  Yasmin Seweid was allegedly assaulted by Trump supporters in NYC.  According to BuzzFeed and the NY Daily News, the attack took place at the uptown 6 train stop at 23rd Street in midtown Manhattan.  The assaliants allegedly called Seweid a terrorist, broke her bag strap, followed her when she tried to get away from them, and tried but were unable to pull her hijab off of her head.

Both Tamerra Griffin and Ben Kochman, the authors for BuzzFeed and the NYDN stories, did not include any additional sources for their story, other than Seweid’s personal account and a statement from police that the “investigation was ongoing” with no further comment.  It seems both read her Facebook post recounting her story (which has since been removed), and after speaking with her, they took it and her account of the incident as fact, without verifying her story anywhere else.  Even though Seweid was their sole source for the story, they didn’t even bother to include the word “allegedly” as I did in italics above.  The NY Daily News said Seweid stated the following:

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Sen. Claire McCaskill – A Case Study In Constant Self-Contradiction And Hypocrisy


It takes a lot to stand out in a “swamp” full of self-serving politicians who say one thing and do another, lining their pockets in the process, but somehow, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill never ceases to amaze. 

After a lengthy career as a Missouri state politician, including a failed 2004 bid for governor, McCaskill won election to the senate in 2006.  Her only tangible accomplishments seem to be her support of Obama, including her role as one of the deciding votes for the failure that is Obamacare.  Otherwise, her tenure has been littered with scandals and cronyism.

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Not Content To Stop With Air Force One, Trump Is Now Going After The F-35


If Trump’s tweet and subsequent commentary about Air Force One’s bloated price tag didn’t scare all defense and government contractors, his tweet about the F-35 should frighten them beyond belief.

As I have previously detailed, at an estimated $1.5 trillion dollars, the F-35 is perhaps the biggest defense program in the US DoD’s budget, and unsurprisingly, it is far behind schedule and way over budget.  But the worst part about the F-35 is that it just can’t do the job it was designed for. Essentially a stealthy bomb chucker with a little bit of maneuverability, air-to-air capability, and a lot of high-priced avionics, it doesn’t even beat the jet its supposed to replace (the F-16) in within-visual-range engagements, and is almost totally reliant on its stealth to avoid them.

All of this begs the question – why didn’t the DoD instead choose to extend the F-22 line, and build a stealth fighter/bomber with more range and payload, scrapping the maneuverability requirement which held the plane’s performance back?

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WaPo (Finally) Issues A Half-Ass Retraction, Just In Time For Hillary To Jump Into The “Fake News” Debate


After two weeks of constant criticism and many influential outlets debunking their journalism, the Washington Post finally retracted its story on “fake news” sources.  Though, upon examination of the retraction, it is questionable if you can even call it that.  The original story was left up, unedited, with an “editor’s note” posted at the top.  It reads as follows:

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