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China’s Air Combat Strategy Is Designed To Attack Support Assets, Not American Fighter Jets

China’s J-20 Fighter Prototype

It may sound hard to believe, and it might not intuitively make sense, but China is indeed fielding a fleet of 5th generation and 4++ generation fighter jets whose primary purpose will not be to do battle with American fighter jets.

Why?  It’s quite simple.  China likely knows that they cannot build a jet that will outperform the top US air superiority fighter, the F-22.  So instead of going toe-to-toe with it in combat, they are instead choosing to target the aerial tankers, AWACS, drone, and other support aircraft that help make the F-22 so deadly.

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60 Minutes Conveniently Leaves One Crucial Fact Out Of Its Report On Chicago Violence

On Sunday, CBS’s 60 Minutes aired a report on the surge of murders and violence in Chicago.  When describing the increase in violence as a “surge”, 60 Minutes is certainly not exaggerating; this year’s homicide total in Chicago is up by 56% from last year, and up almost 75% from 2013.

However, CBS is certainly exaggerating when it compares Chicago to a “war zone” – in Afghanistan, for example, US forces have averaged 300+ murders per 100,000 since the 2001 invasion.  With a 2016 homicide rate of ~29 per 100,000, Chicago’s homicide rate hasn’t reached the 1992 peak of ~32 per 100,000.  Can anyone recall CBS comparing Chicago to a “war zone” in the 1990s?

60 Minutes centered its coverage on a drop in stops and arrests by police, with a focus on blaming the police for creating a crime-filled environment, with scarce mention of the perpetrators behind the increase in violent crime.  They also mentioned low police morale, new policies on racial profiling and police reporting, gang members posting video of confrontations with police, and “fear of becoming the next viral video” in their piece.  What was conveniently left out of the entire report?

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Watch Out For Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Note: Happy New Year from Free Market Shooter!  Today’s post is a repost of an article I wrote for Single Dude Travel with input from Recall Report, about dangerous prescription drugs.  Free Market Shooter is looking forward to 2017, and expect new content to be featured here on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule, though the news cycle and current events will force some flexibility in postings.  You can also subscribe to Free Market Shooter via email on the right sidebar, or follow me on Facebook/Twitter, as any new content will also be linked and shared there. 

In addition, stay tuned to Single Dude Travel as well, for an upcoming article on what we all need to be aware of during a Trump Presidency: if the market brings the whole house of cards down on Trump’s watch, the globalists who opposed him will blame not only Trump and his voters for the collapse, they will also blame all who do not conform to their vision of total government control.  Make no mistake about it, they may have lost the battle, but their war is far from over.

Doctor's prescribe dangerous prescription drugs

“Doctors are men, who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, for men, of whom they know nothing at all.” – Voltaire, The Emperor of All Maladies

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