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You Need To Take A Closer Look At The Real “Refugees” Before You Denounce “Vetting”

Plenty of mainstream media outlets have been critical of the Trump executive orders regarding immigration and “vetting” of refugees.  There are too many to list, but I will use an excerpt from a U.S. News article to drive the general point home:

When the United States accepts refugees from countries with a significant Muslim population, we undermine the anti-American hatred that underlies Islamic State group recruitment. Closing America’s door to Syrian refugees, therefore, is not only a heartless hiccup in our nation’s history, it also validates Islamic State group propaganda, advances the group’s agenda and drives refugees back into the arms of dangerous terrorists. By turning away Syrian refugees, Trump is plunging America into a national security nightmare.

The “fact-check” website Snopes (which has previously been outed as being heavily liberal-biased, being run by a “failed liberal blogger”) also gets in on the act, saying that Syrian kids aren’t holding guns, instead labeling them as “Pakistani”:

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Peak Liberal Protest Idiocy: Protesting Chuck Schumer Outside His Apartment

I’m on record as stating how unproductive, foolish and dangerous the recent liberal protests have been, and that’s before you even bring the hypocrisy factor into play.  But a liberal protest against Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)?  That is taking hypocrisy and idiocy to a whole ‘nother level.

In spite of their previous relationship and the money Trump has donated to Schumer in the past, Schumer has opposed Trump at every turn since he became the Republican nominee for President.  Schumer has used his position as Senate Minority Leader to stump against Trump at every possible opportunity, starting on the very day Trump took office:

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