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After Manchester Slaughter, Outrage Is Deflected Toward “Racist” Tweets

On Tuesday, furor erupted over British media personality Katie Hopkins‘ tweets regarding the Manchester terrorist attack that slaughtered scores of children attending an Ariana Grande concert. After posting the tweet below, Hopkins was reported to British police by another user.

Hopkins also used the term ‘final solution’ in one of her tweets but quickly deleted it and replaced it with ‘true solution’. Was it in bad taste for Hopkins to use ‘final solution’? Absolutely. Jailed or fined for it, though? Absolutely not. It’s a bizarro world when people come under fire for wanting to choose security over the slaughter of innocent children.

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The Drug War Has Incentivized Police To Treat Citizens Like Terrorists

A video of a Florida Sheriff making a promo video to scare has been making the rounds recently.  Casey Research recently covered the affair, noting the following quote from Sheriff Grinnell:

“Enjoy looking over your shoulder, constantly wondering if today’s the day we come for you. Enjoy trying to sleep tonight, wondering if tonight’s the night our SWAT team blows your front door off the hinges. We are coming for you.”

The video (reproduced below, with commentary from Casey Research) is as surreal as the above picture implies…

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UPDATE: On Seth Rich, Where There’s Smoke – There’s Fire

Last week, I reported stunning revelations in the Seth Rich investigation. Rich family P.I. confirms: Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks prior to his murder.

The theories behind Seth Rich’s death have been plentiful and amplified – due in part to whistle-blowing organization, WikiLeaks. Just a month after Rich’s murder, WikiLeaks announced a $20K reward for any information on the murderer. More recently, WikiLeaks retweeted the Fox and Friends story that claimed evidence Rich had correspondence with WikiLeaks.

This week, Newt Gingrich, Hannity, and Kim Dotcom all came forward to speak about Seth Rich. After making some explosive claims, Hannity offered Dotcom a guest spot on his show for a chance to tell-all. On May 21st, Julian Assange tweeted:

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CNN’s Kate Bolduan Screams At Former Navy Seal After He Dares To Question ‘Anonymous Sources’

Earlier this week, CNN had former Navy Seal, Carl Higbie on-air to discuss the bogus claim that President Trump shared classified info with Russian Ambassadors.

Of course, it got ugly – and quick.

Higbie starts off by saying he’s “sat very quietly listening to all this BS” and launches into a well-deserved tirade against Bolduan and her panelists. “Have you listened to anything McMaster said today?” Higbie asks, referencing multiple reports of McMaster refuting Trump sharing classified intel.

Higbie goes on to point out that “two former officials” confirmed the main points of CNN’s unverified story. “Tell you what, come out; name those people – then we’ll have something to talk about.”

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Obama Calls Trump A Bullshitter – So Let’s Recap Eight Years Of Obama’s Bullshit

On Wednesday, PEOPLE Magazine released a preview of an upcoming issue, titled “The Obamas; Their Lives Now”, which includes commentary on Obama’s “relationship” with President Trump:

“He’s nothing but a bullsh–ter.”

Tell us how you really feel, Obama, because after your oval office meeting with Trump, we never would have guessed that you two hated each other.  But isn’t this a major case of hypocrisy on Obama’s part, with a track record of lies and “bullshit” miles long?

So let’s take a minute and recap all of the bullshit former President Obama told the American public during his tenure.  It’s the only fitting rebuttal, isn’t it?

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Rich Family P.I. Confirms: Seth Rich Had Contact With WikiLeaks Prior To His Murder

A bombshell report by Marina Marraco of Fox 5 D.C. purports Seth Rich leaked thousands of internal DNC e-mails to WikiLeaks months before his death.

Rod Wheeler, a private investigator hired by the Rich family, claims there’s physical evidence on Seth Rich’s laptop that confirms he communicated with WikiLeaks prior to being murdered.

For 10 months, D.C. police have labeled Rich’s murder as a “robbery gone wrong“. However, the only thing stolen from Seth Rich was his life; his attackers didn’t bother to take anything else from him. The official police report of the incident even proves that Seth Rich was alive and conscious when officers found him. Did Rich say anything to police when they found him and did their body cameras catch anything of interest at the scene?

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How Has Congress Not Stopped Top Bureaucrats From Exploiting Government Jets For Personal Private Travel?

Recently, The War Zone covered how former FBI Director James Comey was able to take a Department of Justice Gulfstream 550 jet for one last ride home:

It was almost satirical in its level of sensationalism. Not long after the White House delivered a letter to the FBI telling director James Comey that he has been fired, helicopters descended onto the sacked official’s motorcade as it made its way through Los Angeles. The O.J. Simpson-esque news alert ended with Comey stepping up the stairs of a glimmering Gulfstream 550 long-range private jet.

The appearance of the massive luxury aircraft left many wondering if top federal officials really get to travel in such grandiose fashion on a normal basis, especially on just a short jaunt to California.

The section on Comey was a precursor to a bigger piece on private aviation in government, and it got me thinking; who uses (and abuses) this privilege, and how has Congress not stopped this practice in its tracks already?

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Sessions Reverses Mandatory Minimums, But Is It As Bad As It Looks?

I’m a big opponent of the drug war, and of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s increased focus on stocking our prisons with drug offenders.  And recently, when Sessions overturned a reduction in mandatory minimum sentences from former AG Eric Holder, I feared the worst:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is directing federal prosecutors to seek “the most serious” criminal charges against suspects, a move that would result in severe prison sentences – and is expected to reverse recent declines in the overcrowded federal prison system.

The brief, two-page directive, issued to the 94 U.S. attorneys offices across the country late Thursday, replaces a 2013 memo put in place by then-Attorney General Eric Holder that sought to limit the use of mandatory-minimum sentencing rules that had condemned some non-violent offenders to long prison terms – that proved to be expensive for taxpayers.

But, we all should have known that it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, if only because Holder himself instituted the directive, and opposed its removal:

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Barack Obama – Excessive Private Travel For Me, No Meat For Thee

Today’s post will provide a different take on a recent news story that has not been covered by the mainstream media – former President Obama’s hypocritical habits while giving a speech on “climate change” at a conference in Milan.  Free Market Shooter has covered the excessive emissions from private and first-class flight in the past, but it appears no one has bothered to inform the ex-President of the net carbon impact of all of his travel and consumption behaviors during his “get me paid” post-Presidency speech tour. 

Former President Obama journeyed to Milan yesterday to give a speech on climate change, blaming “meat consumption” for causing excessive carbon emissions:

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Obamacare? Trumpcare? Get Rid Of It All

Note:  Free Market Shooter is taking this week off from original content posting, and will be reposting content from other sources that will be covered at a later date.  Today’s post is from The Ron Paul Liberty Report, which details what is truly wrong with our healthcare system – a system which is structurally broken due to the interference of insurance companies. 

Free Market Shooter has covered this at earlier times; a system that would be ideal for consumers is one that eliminates insurance companies entirely, and allows consumers to deal directly with healthcare providers.  Unfortunately, “Trumpcare” does nothing to address this, so as the Ron Paul Liberty Report details, it would be very unwise to expect significant change, whether it is able to pass the Senate or not. 

Originally Appeared at The Ron Paul Liberty Report

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