About Free Market Shooter

About Free Market Shooter

Free Market Shooter was originally founded to focus on promotion of free market economies and responsible gun ownership.  However, they have become just two of the many topics covered here.  The themes of this website’s coverage includes, but is not limited to:

  • Promotion of free market economies
  • Espousing and working to protect legal, responsible gun ownership
  • Exposing Mainstream Media (MSM) lies, and providing a thoughtful, provocative take on world events
  • Exposing corrupt politicians, bureaucrats (and bureaucracies), legal/law enforcement figures who abuse their authority, and anything pertaining to government overreach
  • Explaining and demonstrating failed Department of Defense (DoD) programs and wasteful spending
  • Providing information and details frequently passed over and/or willfully (often maliciously) omitted by the MSM

Currently, Free Market Shooter is posting on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule, with some flexibility in that schedule in regard to current events, personal schedule, and site administration.

Free Market Shooter’s Founding Statement:

Free market economies are always more efficient than command economies.  This is exemplified on a macro scale by the failures of the former USSR and China’s command economies, and how they’ve collapsed or moved to something closer to the USA’s comparably efficient market economy.  However, the global economy has plenty of foolish taxes and regulations already dragging down the whole world’s efficiency, and new and increasingly stupid taxes and regulations are proposed daily.  Everything written here will be to promote free markets, and to expose the idiocy of proposed and existing regulations that are dragging down our society, while achieving absolutely nothing.

And when it comes to gun ownership in the USA and globally, that free market is under heavy attack.  The government is moving to drive all gun ownership and trade underground into the black market, and criminalize millions in the process.  Nowhere is the failure of gun control more evident than the above examples of China and Russia, where gun ownership is all but illegal, and these command economies have seen their governments exterminate and subjugate their populations.  Most importantly, in many cases (especially if you’re a woman), the gun is your best and possibly only effective line of defense against an attacker.  God made men; Samuel Colt made them equal.