Antifa “Gun Club” Responds To Fake Gun Critics With Laughable “Range Day” Intimidation Video

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In March of 2017, Free Market Shooter exposed the “Phoenix John Brown Gun Club”, which, according to many observers showed anti-Trump “counter protesters” showing up to a pro-Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona openly carrying what appeared to be fake firearms:

The only reference to firearms training was in their “events” page, which had an event that took place on March 5th, titled “Introduction to Tactical Firearms”.  It had 46 guests.  There were no upcoming events, and the prior four events had absolutely nothing to do with firearms.

Not much of a “gun club” at all, is it?  Would you really be surprised to find out that many of their members didn’t even carry real firearms to an “open carry” demonstration against a Trump rally?

The group has appeared to respond to criticisms of “LARPing” with fake guns by releasing a YouTube video entitled “Phoenix John Brown Gun Club – Range Day”.  But this video ends up exposing not only the group’s laughable lack of experience with firearms, it all but confirms the (even more difficult to deny) accusation that their “open carry” demonstration did include several fake firearms.

The video (still up on YouTube when this article was published) is below:

And, for reference, the photos from the prior article Free Market Shooter article are featured here as well:

The shooting “range” in question during this video appears to be a spot in the desert.  The “range” is littered with trash, as it appears PJBGC doesn’t bother to pick up after themselves.  With a maximum distance of about 50 meters, most shooting takes place at what appears to be about 50 feet, if that… including the rifle “shootout” segments of the video.

Bear in mind, the US Army Field Manual on marksmanship indicates that the weapon is zeroed (sighted) at 25 meters, with qualified training taking place at 50 meters or further, and a maximum scored distance of 300 meters.  Then again, even at the shorter distances, PJBGC doesn’t even seem particularly concerned with zeroing their weapons at all.

This is evident in their “shootout” starting at 2:09.  I counted a number of shots completely missing the targets, at a distance that was no greater than 25 meters, most likely much closer than that.  Bear in mind what the US Army Manual states on 25-meter “zeroing”:

After completing Phases I and II, the Soldier conducts a firing event (Table 7-29) to zero or confirm the zero on his weapon and reinforce the fundamentals of marksmanship. This firing event will be conducted on a 25-meter range. If the Soldier cannot zero within 18 rounds, the trainer recommends retraining, retesting, or possible removal from the course. After the weapon is zeroed, any additional rounds will be fired and the coach will observe the Soldier for deficiencies in his marksmanship fundamentals.

But don’t worry, certainly the PJBGC has other marksmanship qualifiers outside of the US Army Manual, right?

Take a closer look at two of the people who participated in said “shootout”:

The one on the left appears at many points throughout the video, including a bayonet “intimidation” charge which will be discussed later.   He appears to be the same man who appeared in the above photos from the March rally in a blue shirt, and can be seen wearing what appear to be the same pants, shoes, bandana and accessory pouch at the PJBGC “Range Day” as he did in March, only with a white shirt this time.

What’s different about him this time besides the shirt?  The firearm, of course… because at no point in the video does any “drum” magazine appear to be used at all, by anyone.  In fact, the “blue shirt” man in question from the top “counter protest” photo (on the left) appears to be using the wooden SKS-style rifle carried by the guy on the right of the first photo throughout the entire “Range Day” video.

As for the one circled on the right?  She is seen firing an AK-style rifle during the video, and when her rifle appears to jam, she appears to not only perform several “dry” trigger pulls, she also appears to have no idea how to clear the jam.  Which is hardly surprising, as she is seen later in the video at 4:21 firing a completely different rifle, under supervision of a man in camo gear, who appears to supervise nearly all of the “Range Day” participants.

Yes, the SKS appears to be the one of the only real rifles from the entire group that appeared in the March photos above, as the others made no appearance whatsoever at the PJBGC “Range Day”.  The only other exception is the large scoped AR-derivative rifle (note the ultra-lite stock) which would likely be designed for ideal use at 100+meters… being fired at a distance at no more than 10 meters.  It appears to be fired by the dreadlocked red bandana girl from the above photos which also appears to be the rifle she she toted in March, at 1:08:

Notice: not only does she need to fire said rifle with supervision from the man in camo overlooking; just seconds earlier, the same exact rifle with the low-profile stock in question was seen being carried by another participant at the “arming table”, while she was standing right next to the person

…and the rifle in question is later seen appearing to be fired by the above girl in red stripes during the other “shootout” at 5:14.  If this is indeed a real rifle, it is almost certainly not owned by the woman who toted it at the open carry “counter protest”, even if the owner let her fire off a few rounds for appearance’s sake.

In fact, with the exception of the aforementioned SKS, and the scoped AR with the low-profile stock, none of the other weapons pictured at the “counter protest” appear anywhere in the “Range Day” video.  While there are clearly many real rifles sprinkled into the group, three out of four of the “fake ones” in the second photo of the “counter protest” have all but confirmed to be fake after all, including the one carried in March by Mr. Bayonet Charge…

…who is the aforementioned “white shirt” guy who toted a fake gun at March’s “counter protest”, this time executing a “bayonet charge” on a thoroughly shot-up “Pepe the Frog” target with the SKS he is seen shooting earlier… of course, with supervision:

Do not take this the wrong way – there is absolutely nothing wrong with first-time and/or beginner shooters learning how to both handle firearms and the proper fundamentals of marksmanship.  In fact, you’ll notice most shooters welcome first-timers to shooting ranges, and teach them how to handle firearms properly and safely… which appears to be the one thing PJBGC gets right – safe usage of firearms under controlled conditions.  The more people who understand safe operation of firearms, the better off we all are.

Still, it was clearly far too easy to expose the inexperience and overall lack of firearms proficiency this “gun club” chooses to assign to itself, all while shooting a video intended to intimidate its adversaries.  These are clearly beginners, with a glaring lack of general marksmanship skills, masquerading as a trained combat-ready group, openly carrying firearms in an attempt to show pro-Trump supporters just how tough they are… or in this case, aren’t.

Take note, PJBGC… real “gun guys” are not fooled.  It is rather easy to see how capable (or incapable) you are with a firearm after watching your “intimidation video”.  You can strap up and act tough, but you better be careful if you plan on making yourself a target… when the bullets start flying, that firearm you’re toting isn’t going to do you much good (beyond putting a big bulls-eye on your back) if you can’t fire it accurately.  Of course, that all assumes the gun is even real in the first place, and not one of the fake ones exposed being carried in March.

But, good luck trying to explain that to PJBGC… in spite of the negative response they’ve received to this video, it is rather difficult for you to explain that to them – they made sure to disable comments for the video. 

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  • WithoutRights

    It’s easy to laugh, but they are a terrorist organization that is training to overthrow the duly elected government. They are a threat, even if it is a poorly trained threat.

    • DF

      sounds like ur conservative fan-fiction is coming along nicely

      • Michelle

        DF, Dumb F***k?

        • Johnny Black

          Dick F**k

        • DF

          HAHAHAHA hilarious Michelle! I’ll make sure to show Jim

      • DF

        u all are about as funny as u are intelligent (not at all)

      • dominic

        >fan fiction

        we are literally watching leftists LARPing in the streets.

        • DF

          yeah but all the /pol/tards who look like this at protests are serious tacticool operators

          • dominic

            at least we actually look good when we do it. we arent beating up random civilians for saying things we dont like, we are standing up for those people who are too weak to stand up for themselves. from you bullies. maybe take in a moment to realize just how out of touch you are.

          • DF

            maybe take a moment to realize u just typed a paragraph to a random troll on the internet who couldn’t care less :^]

          • dominic

            >implying it takes more than half a second to type a paragraph cus im not an idiot

            take a moment to realize, its the internet, im here to waste time 😉

          • DF

            >using greentext outside of a -chan
            >basically cries into the keyboard but tries to play it cool when mocked for it
            >regularly comments on z-tier right-wing clickbait
            >looks like we’re reaching autism levels never seen before captain

          • dominic

            oh man you hurt /myfeels
            >implying its not universally understood at this point

          • DF

            PS ur not a hero ur just an autist with bad politics

      • WithoutRights

        Is that a rebuttal Dumb-Fuck (DF)? I guess you think ANTIFA is actually anti-fascist, right? While using the EXACT same tactics as the Brown Shirts. By using tactics that are text book, Dictionary terrorism. All you got is some stupid rhetorical statement?

        Totally, ANTIFA is the new Boy/Girl/XI/Zir scouts. They make cookies and help old ladies cross the road safely.

    • milesman

      Over throw the gov? They wouldn’t make it all the way down my particular street!

    • Another POV

      Very correct. Sure, these antifa clowns are bad, laughably bad now. But where did anyone really start? I see this from an entirely different view. Having spent a lifetime estimating enemy strength and capability for my careers, they are starting out, and they will only get better. High-speed better? Probably not. So they have a very cautious range officer walking them thorough the drills. Get your newbie audience addicted to guns by doing simple, fun and symbolic shooting. Did you shoot at targets from 100 yards your first time? The majority have not been in the military and never will be. These aren’t Marine recruits that have an entire week of training before they shoot a round. They are spoiled, short attention span snowflakes that need to be coaxed in. For some, they need to be convinced guns aren’t evil. So blast away at some shit 20 yards away where you can see the damage being dealt and not miss (too much).

      That silly line drill/Rev war style formation. Ill conceived for tactical purposes but if your intent is to get people who’ve never fired a gun, get used to having guns fired around them, not bad. In combat, sometimes your are right on top of another guy. How else do you learn to shoot or concentrate while hot brass is falling around you if you never get military, actual military training?

      I don’t underestimate these clowns. Fire enough rounds, you’ll hit something. Luck plays a big part on any battlefield. These idiots are committed and thoroughly brainwashed. They’ll get people to train them. They’ll get better and laughing at them only steels their resolve. For now they are a joke, but what are you doing to keep your skills sharp. Do you train with a group? My infantry skills are rusty, I won’t lie. How are yours?

      • WithoutRights

        Having been out of the Army for 15 years, I am rusty on field tactics and maneuvers, but I shoot every week and have retained my firearms effectiveness. I see their exercise as a massive waste of ammo. I believe it was meant to be an intimidation psyop rather than a training exercise. From a legal standpoint, this is sedition and Constitutional subversion and all these terrorists should be arrested. Training with the admitted goal of carrying out a coup and destroying the Constitutional rule of law is a felony which should be met with great contempt.

        • Mr. Kevin Jones

          I retired 14 years ago after 28 years of service…I feel the same.

    • tdrag

      That’s right! Just like Kim Dung Pile, these idiots will get it right sooner or later. There are a lot of them in our military now being trained.

  • Scott Jasin

    white trash cowards LARPing as revolutionaries…. We’re waiting 😉

  • Scott Jasin

    i’d love to see that 300 pounder hit the deck in a gun battle the try to get back up

  • teflonron

    Khmer Rouge… Dangerous. They ought to read the Gulag Archipelago by alexander Solzhenitsyn and they will hate Communism.

  • Bach Matthew

    Haha haha! Can barley hit the target at 15 yards. Look out, liberals think they are soldiers now. I bet me alone with a ar15 could desimate this whole crowd.

    • Peter Williams

      As soon as a shot was fired, they’d all piss their panties and cower behind each other. Here’s hoping they do let off a round at one of their ‘rallies’ so that they can then be treated as the domestic terrorists they are and be killed on the spot.

  • DF

    For all the whining right wing people do about how leftist protestors “need to get a life” y’all sure do spend a lot of time picking apart pointless minutiae in videos involving guns

    • James Russels

      It’s comically obvious how inexperienced this “gun club” is at shooting. This is some low hanging fruit here.

      • Peter Williams

        I’m just amazed none of them shot themselves in the foot!!

  • Pete L

    Well considering that they are NOTHING but a terrorist organization, letting them arm themselves makes them immediately targets for self defense fire. The time for talk, tolerance and ignoring these terrorists is over…..time for LIVE ROUNDS from our police

  • Michelle

    They can always learn…never underestimate evil.

    • Sir_Tanly

      That is correct. They will get to where they can hit at 50 yards 50% of the time and, in the time it takes to realize that they are serious this time. they will have punched a lot of holes in the hamburger.

  • Passlinebet

    It’s all fun and games until it’s a real fire fight….Real easy to try to look cool against paper targets…

    • John Collins

      Yep, that paper doesn’t shoot back, and they looked like they were missing more than they were hitting anyway!

    • Peter Williams

      From 10′ away as well!!

      • 13speed

        “Where is the safest place to be on a gun range when antifa fucksticks who are pretending they actually know which end of a firearm the loud noise comes out of?” for $1000, Alex.

    • Faridah Malik

      Considering they are generaly too cowardly to show their faces during a protest in fear of being apprehended by the “fascist” police and subsequently getting a beating from their parents… I’m not surprised about all this at all. As the article says, they’re just LARPing, in an actual firefight against trained adversaries, they’d survive barely even a minute.

  • Robert Zeurunkl

    I like how ALL their videos are “comments disabled”. And here I thought they were *against* the suppression of free speech.

    And they appear to be using rifles to shoot targets at, what? Ten yards? Pistol range?

    And what’s with the awkward “scrunched over” stance with these guys? It’s like, “Hey, I need to put my eye right up to the scope so I can see through it”.

    Dang, I’d like to hand one of them my .300 WinMag and say, “Here ya go, champ! Now make sure you get real close to the scope so you can see through it!”

    • David

      Give them a half moon on their face and see stars,LOL.

    • Marcus Aurelius

      wait what since when are militant anarcho-communist terrorists the champions of free speech.

  • Tobias Keith

    Cool. This will make it more sporting and worry free after shooting them. Saddle up, boys!

    • Ander Pierce

      Yes, because when people who don’t share your politics use their right to open carry you are entitled to shoot them. Those are the laws.

  • Johnny Black

    Nothing like shooting into a bunch of rocks at close range…..

  • Macrodex

    Oh, no! He stabbed a picture of Pepe! Antifa means business.

  • Cyber Slammer

    When the civil war starts it’s gonna be a turkey shoot for the right.

    • Shh, they are bernie sanders voters, don’t jinx this.

  • Jason Pancher

    Pussys. They look like a bunch of fat I have sex with my family member bitches. HAHAHAHA. I can’t wait to shoot one

  • Richard Cole

    The guys that taught me to shoot did not accept me as trained until I could cut a playing hard in half from the side with a 9mm from 25 yards. These people are a joke.

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  • Rafael Santiago Gonzalez

    speaking as a Veteran who’s been down range, these socialist commie bastages will find out. …………

    Hollywood stops, when lead comes back at you. Ain’t no respawns, safe spaces, only pins are you being one with the dirt while trying not to piss yourself.

    • Repug

      CUT!! won’t cut it… There are no “time-outs” in real life… These idiots are thinking it’s a video game where they can start over whenever they want to press the reset button and pay for a couple of hundred “up lives” on Daddy’s Visa card…

  • Peter Williams

    i just saw another video of these maggots walking the streets armed to the teeth, wearing face coverings and brown shirts. Hmmmm, weren’t the fascists during WW2 known as the “Brown Shirts”.
    Personally, if I was to see an armed person with their face covered with a bandana coming towards me, they’d get a 3rd eye.

  • Flyingfish42

    I give them props they put themselves in more danger from being shot at their little range day than a whole year of protesting at Berkley or interacting with the police.

  • jdbsks

    They need to watch some 3-gun competition videos. Now that is intimidation…

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  • RSG

    If you carry a rifle, you had better be wearing rifle plates. Because you’ll be the first people I shoot. It’s time we eliminate these Liberal Terrorists™
    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” Thomas Paine

    • Ander Pierce

      Ah yes, another brave American ready to kill anyone who carries a gun and has different politics.
      It’s much better to murder your neighbors than to build a better future.

      • RSG

        They aren’t “neighbors”. They are the most dangerous enemies America has ever faced, as they pose an existential threat to our Constitutional Republic. The only “better future” is without them.

  • The

    Dangerous LARPing. These are delusionally idealistic, deeply naive children. Getting a gun in the US is trivially easy. Bringing a gun to a political protest as a member of a group known to be violently hostile towards its opposition is taking this to a level they do not comprehend. This is no different than idiots who decide to ‘protest’ in the middle of the street, harass some driver who is forced to run them over. If Antifa takes it to the ‘guns’ level, they will be ‘run over’ very, very quickly and won’t make much of a showing. They will be quickly rendered into cautionary tale corpses, warning other stupid kids who might think about following in their foolish footsteps.

    • GinoMissy Dennis

      Antifa are a bunch of pussys. They hide there faces but that is all about to charge. Soon a list will be made public that has names pictures address work place and close friend to a lot of these people. So we will see what they are about then. There time is running short.

  • DF

    i usually don’t venture into this part of the internet but let it be known that everyone considers y’all a laughing stock. i’ve personally taken a few screenshots to enjoy with my leftist buddies, keep up the laughs friends!

    • Angryinch

      Are you waiting for your wife’s Bull to finish satisfying her. Tell him thanks so we can read your bullshit.

      • DF

        hahahaha i get it, it’s a cuckold joke!! well meme’d friend and top kek to u sir!! well done!! truly another amazing bant from the bant-lord himself angryinch

  • ippon

    ……im an Arizonan that voted for Trump, are you going to shoot me?

    • Ander Pierce

      Who are you asking? The folks at Redneck Revolt carried a sign that said “Protect the WHOLE working class” That includes you

      • 13speed

        I’ve been a Blue Collar working class member my entire life, a union member for a great deal of my that time. Clowns like that have zero in common with actual working people, and Communists were not welcome in our union at all.

      • ippon

        really, im anti illegal immigration, anti antifa, believe in America first, a veteran, pro first amendment. if someone wants to be part of the lgbtmouse community thats fine, but don’t try to sell it to me, a successful business owner and capitalist. Don’t need or want their protection.

  • Noodies Man

    You think they got safety right? That’s the most unsafe firing line I’ve ever seen at anything even pretending to be an organized event. 20 or so newbies within 1 ft of each other, firing live rounds. Yeah, that’s in the Army manual as well, right? (Note: I have never actually read the Army manual for constructing ranges, but I know there is one, and I’m certain it specifies more spacing)

    • 0d0nata

      The only other places I’ve seen firing lines like that, have been in vintage AQ training videos.

  • disqus_PDmXLtTxJj

    It’s going to be interesting seeing these slugs get slaughtered in the evening news by a swat team.

    • Ander Pierce

      Last time I checked we have the right to bear arms. Why would SWAT slaughter them? Before you say “They don’t trust the government” it’s worth pointing out that neither do the 3%s or many other militias

      • 13speed

        Do you want to place a bet that more than one of those morons are ineligible to even touch a firearm as prohibited persons?

      • Warscent

        Because unlike our nations patriotic militias, Antifa deserves it.

  • SquirrelCutter

    Them little wigglers better stay in AZ or wherever because if they ever come over hyar to TX they will all be slaughtered before they can even realize there is a threat. What a bunch of fags.

  • Eric Blust
  • Davis Thompson

    Broad sides of barns can go through their lives without fear.

  • Scott Weiser

    S’okay, they have the right to keep and bear arms…right up until they advocate violent overthrow of the US government or conspire against the free exercise of civil rights by others, then they go to jail, like meek little liberal snowflakes because shooting at a paper target isn’t the same thing as shooting at a human being who is shooting back at you.

  • disqus_QYvLaKc1mj


  • dominic

    anons who visited the site of the shooting found alcohol and a bunch of evidence left behind

    • pittfan

      any poopoo diapers?

  • Ira Larivers

    Wow! Almost like real people.

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  • Gerrit_B

    Idiots. This is not a video game in your mommy’s basement. You don’t get extra points for smashing windows. You don’t get extra lives for assaulting people. Reality will come crashing down on you and it will be game over and there is no reset bottom.

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  • 7.62×51

    ANTIFA = Anarchist turds incinerating first amendment

  • Sam pennock

    Its all fun and games till you run into someone like me, I lean in. Don’t believe it? Look me up. I always get a good laugh outa these tards.

    • pittfan

      3/4 of em should work on fitness instead

  • Jerry Hart

    Why are they always filthy pigs? This is so low class

  • pittfan

    I seriously hope some of these kids spend time thinking deeply about what they are walking into. Most are simply too young to have spent anytime seriously thinking about what it means to carry a loaded weapon into a conflict. There are no take backs once you send that round down range. And there are no second chances when the rounds are coming your way.

    I’m more than proficent with firearms but I dont own any, let alone carry, as I am not prepared to shoot someone. Even some random Antifa scumbag. Not yet anyways. But if the SHsTF and you see me with a weapon, it’s only gonna be because I’m prepared to use it. They’d better be as well. Because once that element is introduced, there’s no going back.

  • Albert Elson

    Looks like an ISIS training camp and should be treated as such.

  • Ttoe

    It’s always so fascinating how much the left wing mirrors ISIS and Al Qaeda, in the way they think, they way the act, the way they’re easily radicalized, the way they even look. ISIS was was comprised of their age fighters.

    This sort of radicalization can only happen from years of indoctrination. This is the Common Core generation, and if Trump doesn’t do something to reverse what Obama did, every new graduating class is outputting new easy-to-radicalize youths that they tell anything too, and they will believe it no matter how ridiculous.

    • Repug

      Yeah but, but, but Obama said ISIS was only the JV, so you must be a racist! /sarcoff

  • yewzernayme

    They’re going to need a LOT of MREs to feed that unit in the field.

  • Mr. Kevin Jones

    These idiots would be wiped out in minutes….no threat.

  • ogre12

    my message is simple if and when I find antifa I will hunt them at the place and timing of my choice and unmask them in the worst way.

  • John Doe

    There will be a glut of antifa weapons that have never been fired and only dropped once for sale very soon.

  • Congruency

    Clown show

  • gstarr10

    Never underestimate even the lamest of shooters. Those can only spray and pray will get lucky just once.

  • Patrick

    Targets don’t shoot back. Good luck

  • Repug

    If this is what the left is counting on to win their war on America, then we-the-people have nothing to worry about. These idiots need to be aware there are literally “lots” of us older American Patriots that can end them from another zip code, and they will never hear it coming… Not a threat, just a fact, and hoping it doesn’t come to that…