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Trump Is Setting Himself Up To Take All The Blame When The Stock Market Tanks

In spite of low volumes, US stock markets made fresh all-time highs today:

The Dow Jones industrial average rose about 140 points and hit intraday and closing records, surpassing a previous all-time high of 21,391.97, which was set last week.

The S&P 500 gained 0.8 percent to also reached record levels, with information technology rising 1.4 percent to lead advancers. The Nasdaq composite outperformed, rising 1.65 percent.

In an article written for Single Dude Travel and published the day Trump took office, I stated what many others have already been saying for a long time; the market is far overdue for a correction to the downside, and when the whole charade comes crashing down, President Trump is gonna wear the whole thing around his neck:

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The Congress Shooting Demonstrates Why You Should Never Trust Mainstream Media Reports On Weapons

After the Congress shooting on Wednesday, Free Market Shooter published an article referring to the weapon being used in the attack as an AR-15 variant which would have been chambered in .223/5.56mm ammunition:

Though it has not been confirmed as of the time of this article’s publication, according to CBS, the shooter appears to have used a rifle “similar to an M4”.  However, The Truth About Guns provided a disclaimer when citing the information:

Always remember: mainstream media sources are notoriously bad at getting facts about firearms right, so take the above with a grain of salt.

With that in mind, we can state with reasonable accuracy that the shooter used an AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle chambered in .223/5.56mm.  Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) shared specifics on the shooter’s engagement distance with his victims:

Clearly, I should have paid attention to my own disclaimer, as I was forced to update this article the following day:

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Congressional Republicans Should Feel Fortunate James Hodgkinson Had No Idea How To Shoot A Rifle

Early this morning, James Hodgkinson opened fire on a baseball field with Congressional Republicans playing in a game.  Notably, Hodgkinson made sure to confirm that the field was filled with Republicans and not Democrats before he opened fire:

This is not surprising at all, given the shooter’s overt leftward leanings; the mainstream media could even be to blame for radicalizing Hodgkinson to the point of rage in which he felt the need to shoot a field full of Republican Congressmen.   As many have already stated, those at the field were fortunate that Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was there, as his presence demanded a Capitol Police security detail which likely saved many lives.

In the hysteria of denouncements, finger-pointing, and even celebration, one thing was left unstated; those at the field are beyond fortunate that Hodgkinson had no idea how to accurately and properly fire a rifle.  In fact, he appears to be so poor of a shot, he would likely have caused more harm with a car or a truck.   

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No Surprise Here – “Reality Winner” Has Not Become The Next Edward Snowden

Last week, 25-year-old Reality Winner (yes, somehow that is her real name) was arrested for allegedly leaking classified information on “Russian Hacking” to The Intercept:

Winner is a contractor with Pluribus International Corporation assigned to a U.S. government agency facility in Georgia. She has been employed at the facility since on or about February 13, and has held a Top Secret clearance during that time. On or about May 9, Winner printed and improperly removed classified intelligence reporting, which contained classified national defense information from an intelligence community agency, and unlawfully retained it. Approximately a few days later, Winner unlawfully transmitted by mail the intelligence reporting to an online news outlet.

In spite of her overt and obvious political leanings (against President Trump and the right, and towards Bernie Sanders and the left), characterizing the mainstream media’s reporting on the leaker’s partisan beliefs would actually be putting it nicely:

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ICYMI – Billionaires Ignore Their Own Carbon Emissions While Decrying Withdrawal From Paris Accord

Elon Musk’s Private Jet

After President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Accord on “Climate Change”, billionaires Michael Bloomberg and Elon Musk were quick to decry the move.  Bloomberg went on a tweetstorm about climate change, and Elon Musk also used Twitter to make a very public departure from the “presidential councils” he sat on to advise Trump:

Conveniently, Bloomberg and Musk both made sure to omit their own contributions to carbon emissions via private travel.  Ted Cruz was quick to take apart Musk for his hypocrisy:

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Gun Control Groups Are Losing The Battle Against Suppressors

Back in March, the NRA detailed how WaPo‘s very own “fact check” had to rebut the claims from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) that a firearm “silencer” makes a weapon “quiet”:

In the meantime, although the popular name of this accessory is a silencer, foes of the law such as Gillibrand should not use misleading terms such as “quiet” to describe the sound made by a high-powered weapon with a suppressor attached. We wavered between Two and Three Pinocchios, but finally tipped to Three. There is little that’s quiet about a firearm with a silencer, unless one also thinks a jackhammer is quiet.

However, as PA Gun Blog pointed out, gun control groups (in conjunction with the MSM) went on a Memorial Day weekend push to demonize suppressors in the eyes of voters.  As the NRA also pointed out, WaPo’s editorial board went against its own “fact check”, and in the absence of facts, chose to editorialize against firearm suppressors instead:

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Hypocrite-In-Chief Obama Still Behaving Like He’s President, And Undermining The Real President In The Process

Free Market Shooter’s recent article exposing former President Obama’s “bullshit” included a notable claim from PEOPLE Magazine, courtesy of Obama’s long-time pal David Axelrod:

But the former president has been meticulous since the election about not publicly violating that unwritten code of conduct among ex-presidents that bars criticizing whoever’s currently in the Oval Office.

“He’s very respectful of the appropriate role of a former president and that ex-presidents should not be looking over the shoulder of their successors and commenting on every decision,” says Obama’s long-time friend and political strategist David Axelrod, now director of the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, noting how George W. Bush refrained from criticizing Obama.

Even The Washington Post, king of fake news, knew this almost four years ago; Obama was always planning to stay in Washington DC after his term as President ended:

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Double Standards: What Would Happen If A Conservative Celebrity Beheaded Obama?

Yesterday, Kathy Griffin drew the ire of the internet outrage machine when she released a photo from a shoot with photographer Tyler Shields of her holding up a decapitated head of a doll that resembles President Trump.  Once she (quickly) realized how bad of an idea the photo shoot was, she offered up her apology:

“I am sorry. I went too far. I was wrong,” Griffin tweeted Tuesday evening.

However, if you take a close look at her videotaped apology, you’ll see that it was really just an insincere statement filled with an attitude of disdain that featured several eye rolls:

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The Drug War Has Incentivized Police To Treat Citizens Like Terrorists

A video of a Florida Sheriff making a promo video to scare has been making the rounds recently.  Casey Research recently covered the affair, noting the following quote from Sheriff Grinnell:

“Enjoy looking over your shoulder, constantly wondering if today’s the day we come for you. Enjoy trying to sleep tonight, wondering if tonight’s the night our SWAT team blows your front door off the hinges. We are coming for you.”

The video (reproduced below, with commentary from Casey Research) is as surreal as the above picture implies…

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Obama Calls Trump A Bullshitter – So Let’s Recap Eight Years Of Obama’s Bullshit

On Wednesday, PEOPLE Magazine released a preview of an upcoming issue, titled “The Obamas; Their Lives Now”, which includes commentary on Obama’s “relationship” with President Trump:

“He’s nothing but a bullsh–ter.”

Tell us how you really feel, Obama, because after your oval office meeting with Trump, we never would have guessed that you two hated each other.  But isn’t this a major case of hypocrisy on Obama’s part, with a track record of lies and “bullshit” miles long?

So let’s take a minute and recap all of the bullshit former President Obama told the American public during his tenure.  It’s the only fitting rebuttal, isn’t it?

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