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Stephen Colbert’s Pizzagate Criticism Omitted A Major Conflict Of Interest

When Pizzagate was making headlines late last year, Stephen Colbert was incredibly dismissive of the saga, and slandered anyone who would dare question its authenticity.  Back in December (not long before this article was posted), he did a 10-minute segment on his show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where as the Daily Beast covered, he did everything possible to slander Pizzagate contributors but call for their prosecution:

“A conspiracy is what villains do. An agreement is what adults do,” he said. “Look around the country. Wouldn’t you agree we need some more adults? So WikiLeaks, Alex Jones, and the subreddit sub-geniuses—and I mean this in the nicest way possible: grow the fuck up.”

The entire segment, which has little if any comedic value and is more of a rant, is below:

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Civil Asset Forfeiture – Ruining Lives, While Failing To Stop Crime

Yesterday, President Trump met with the National Sheriff’s Association at the White House.  Like so many Trump comments, this one took a strange turn when Trump (jokingly or not) threatened to “destroy the career” of a Texas state Senator:

During the meeting, Rockwall County, Texas, Sheriff Harold Eavenson told President Trump about a piece of asset forfeiture legislation he believes would aid Mexican drug cartels…here’s the full conversation:

Eavenson:  “There’s a state senator in Texas that was talking about legislation to require conviction before we could receive that forfeiture money.”

Trump:  “Do you believe that?”

Eavenson:  “And I told him that the cartel would build a monument to him in Mexico if he could get that legislation passed.”

Trump:  “Who is that state senator? I want to hear his name. We’ll destroy his career…”

Though the major point of conversation was about Trump’s threat to a state legislator, the bigger story should be the implicit support Trump gave to civil asset forfeiture, whether he realized it or not.  And if you are not aware what civil asset forfeiture is, it is (surprisingly) something that is agreed by both sides of the aisle to be unjust and unconstitutional, and rightfully so.

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Censorship By The Press

Note:  This is a guest contribution.  Please share your thoughts with the author, Gary Potter, in the comments. 


It’s a fair assumption that more or less everyone on the planet knows who Donald Trump is.  It’s an equally fair assumption, as derived from the rise of the “alt-right” media, that many even know why Donald Trump is.  Those that don’t – lately you can catch them in places like Portland or behind a desk at the New York Times – are suffering a very real existential crisis with regards to this question; they certainly know who Trump is, and there seems to be too much evidence from too many sources to continue the pretense he will not become the President of the United States in 2017.

But why?

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Parkinson’s Law – What It Is, And How It Applies Today


Written by Cyril Northcote Parkinson, Parkinson’s law is a book that originally aimed to demonstrate the adage that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.  Its origin can be exemplified in these corollaries cited on Wikipedia:

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The REAL Reasons People Will Vote For Trump


Someone close to me, who is voting for Hillary, sent me this article recently, thinking it did a great job of characterizing Trump voters as real people.  And I was so mortified and incensed reading it, that I felt it necessary to respond with my own thoughts on this election, and who I will be voting for.

The article is a perfect example of virtue signaling as it relates to this election.  Nowhere in the article does John Biggs, the author, indicate that he has actually spoken with any Trump voter who actually has anything positive to say about Trump himself or his proposed policies.  Instead, the quotes are merely meant to symbolize angry conservatives who are voting against Hillary moreso than they are voting for Trump.  It seems this Ohio native turned Brooklyn hipster has taken but one glance at the odds and surmised that since he believes Hillary is going to win, and since he has such a large following, it is his duty to begin reaching out to Trump voters to bridge the partisan divide.  It seems as if he wants to unite everyone under a nation of corruption and crime for the leaders, but not for the general population.  Seeing as how I regularly communicate with Trump voters, I felt it my duty to respond, and will preserve the anonymity of my contributors by speaking through my own voice. 

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The Elite Have No Idea – Society Is Near The Breaking Point


My own experience is that Hillary’s so-called Deplorables are actually the most reserved, most polite, and most honest demographic in the country. They are more informed, more self-reliant, and among other things, better armed.  Regarding their arms, they are incredibly responsible, and not the source of the violence for which the implement, and not the person, is too often blamed.  The Deplorables have the longest fuse.  It is, however, a fuse.

Alt Left, on the other hand, are the Neo Fascists and Neo Neocons.  It is Alt Left that thinks Free Speech means THEIR speech only.  It is Alt Left that needs ‘safe spaces’ and wants to enforce thought crime.

It is Alt Left, and its media lapdog sites, that is heavily into censorship of ideas that diverge from their approved ideology.  It is Alt Left that champions regime change and ratcheting up the rhetoric against Russia. It is Alt Left that believes it has an inherent right, even an obligation, to lie and obfuscate if it serves their greater purpose.

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The F-35’s “Multi-Role” Failure


The “multi-role” F-35, and its multiple, expensive failures are so big that they will set the Department of Defense back for the next fifty yearsIts unsurprisingly behind schedule, way over budget price tag is sucking dollars away from every other DoD program, and it can’t even beat its replacements in many of their primary roles.  Designed to replace many legacy aircraft nearing the end of their life cycles, it is the biggest weapons program ever, at $1.5 trillion dollars.  The price tag could run the ENTIRE DoD for over two years, which makes the aircraft the poster boy for a military-industrial complex with no accountability.  And, it just looks ugly, which as the best aircraft designers know, makes it likely to fly ugly.  Why hasn’t it been cancelled yet?

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You Open Carry Idiots Aren’t Helping


In Ohio, protesters gathered outside the home of former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner, who was released from jail Friday after serving just half of his six-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.

He’ll be on probation at his parents’ home near Dayton and some of his neighbors aren’t happy about it, reports CBS News correspondent Carter Evans.

“He’s just not welcome,” Molly Hardin said.

Source: Protests follow brock Turner home to Ohio  |  CBS News

It should be apparent to everyone at this point that Brock Turner got off way too easy.  A 19 year old attending Stanford University at the time of the incident, this guy was convicted of raping a 22 year old woman behind a dumpster.  Yet, he only got six months in prison, and was recently released after three months on “good behavior”.  Go ahead and read the reports – the punishment clearly did not fit the crime, and it is reasonable to question whether or not the judge was paid off to lay down such a lenient sentence.  People everywhere should be very pissed off at this gross miscarriage of justice, especially when that same judge has almost certainly handed down harsher sentences for far lesser crimes.

Now that we’ve gotten the obvious out of the way, we can move on. 

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Update On “My ACA Experience”

Ben Garrison Obamacare

The prior article, “My ACA Experience”, for context

I recently received several letters from my insurance company in regards to my policy.  They informed me that I can keep my coverage through the end of next year.  One letter said that I would need to contact them to keep my policy.  Another said the following, in this exact formatting: “We are required to provide you with the enclosed communication prepared by the Department of Health & Human Services.  It suggests you contact us to keep your current plan, but that is not necessary.”  And in yet another letter, I was informed of my “mastectomy benefits”.

In a state of confusion, I called the insurance company and asked what was going on.  A representative seemed even more confused than I was, asked me information about the letters, and was unsuccessful in attempts to locate copies of what they sent to me.  After promising to take action within the company internally so that this situation doesn’t happen again, I was (finally) assured that I wouldn’t need to take any action to keep my policy beyond continuing to pay my premiums.  She made it clear to me that this confusion would not happen again, and that any further updates to my policy would be very clearly communicated.

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Kids For Cash


A reader of my recent article on private prisons recommended that I watch the documentary “Kids For Cash” on Netflix.  One of the examples I cited was of the Pennsylvania judges, Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan, who were both implicated in accepting money in exchange for keeping Robert Mericle’s private prisons fully stocked with juvenile offenders.  The reader made the recommendation after reading this specific paragraph below:

So you should not be surprised at all to find out that private prisons are one of the leading lobbyists for continuing and expanding the war on drugs. They are not the only ones profiting from this – judges, police officers, lawyers… they and plenty of others all have huge incentives to keep locking people up, no matter the “offense”. A Pennsylvania judge was caught and sentenced to 28 years for taking bribes from for-profit juvenile detention centers to keep them full, even on petty offenses. This is only one example of someone who was actually caught and sentenced, and I find it hard to believe that more authority figures aren’t doing this exact same thing and getting away with it. As they say… “There is never one cockroach”.

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