FMShooter Podcast

FMShooter Podcast Episodes:

Episode 14 – The Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse revelations, Trump’s feud with Senator Bob Corker, removal of statues in America

Episode 13 – The Las Vegas shooting, what happened/how was he able to do it, gun control as a political issue, media response to Trump PR visit

Episode 12 – The NFL, Trump’s commentary on the league, as well as the NBA, NASCAR, and other professional sports leagues

Episode 11 – Trump’s speech to the UN, questioning whether or not US Navy warships have been hacked, discussion on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Episode 10 – Flight 23 and alleged 9/11 conspiracies, Steve Bannon’s 60 Minutes interview, ESPN’s Jemele Hill and liberal bias in sports broadcasting

Episode 09 – President Trump’s ending of President Obama’s DACA executive orders, the ongoing Awan brothers saga, America’s nuclear triad

Episode 08 – The politicization of Hurricane Harvey, Berkeley Antifa attacks and their effects, President Trump ending restrictions on giving out military hardware to law enforcement

Episode 07 – Axios and their dubious startup and conduct, why gun sales have declined under President Trump, discussion on Trump’s recent change in Afghanistan strategy

Episode 06 – Events in Charlottesville, how they relate to American politics, Robert Mueller’s status as a “swamp creature” in disguise

Episode 05 – The Seth Rich saga, the hacking of the Armatix IP1 “smart” gun and the failure of New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg, Tesla vehicles and other “green” energy’s hidden carbon costs

Episode 04 – More on the Awan Brothers saga, Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci, HBO and paid network programming bias

Episode 03 – The Awan Brothers saga, the Mohamed Noor shooting, the continued failure of Obamacare repeal/replacement bills

Episode 02 – Laura Dunn’s “activism career” and rape victims, Obamacare repeal/replacement, and the Trump Jr. / Natalia Veselnitskaya meeting

Episode 01 – Omar Khadr payout, CNN “doxx” threats from Andrew Kacyzinski, Trump’s Syria deal at the G-20 summit

About The Podcast

The Free Market Shooter podcast is hosted by:

  • Duane Norman – Owner/Operator of Free Market Shooter
  • Ben Isaac – Contributing Author
  • Jim Reinhardt – Senior Meme Correspondent

Regular guests:

  • Jon Hall

The podcast is currently operating under the following format:

  • Open forum/general discussion between the hosts focusing on topics presented in recent articles on Free Market Shooter
  • “Replies to Trump tweets” segment featuring one ridiculous reply to a recent Trump tweet
  • Dedicated time – each participant speaks uninterrupted for several minutes on a topic of their choice

Podcast Guests

If you are interested in joining a Free Market Shooter podcast episode as a guest, inquiries can be directed to Duane Norman.