FMShooter Podcast Episodes:

Episode 02 –¬†Laura Dunn’s “activism career” and rape victims, Obamacare repeal/replacement, and the Trump Jr. / Natalia Veselnitskaya meeting

Episode 01¬†– Omar Khadr payout, CNN “doxx” threats from Andrew Kacyzinski, Trump’s Syria deal at the G-20 summit

About The Podcast

The Free Market Shooter podcast is hosted by:

  • Duane Norman – Owner/Operator of Free Market Shooter
  • Ben Isaac
  • Jim Reinhardt

Regular guests:

  • Jon Hall

The podcast is currently operating under the following format:

  • Open forum/general discussion between the hosts focusing on topics presented in recent articles on Free Market Shooter
  • “Replies to Trump tweets” segment featuring one ridiculous reply to a recent Trump tweet
  • Dedicated time – each participant speaks uninterrupted for several minutes on a topic of their choice

Podcast Guests

If you are interested in joining a Free Market Shooter podcast episode as a guest, inquiries can be directed to Duane Norman.