German Feminist SJW Rebecca Sommer Reveals “It’s NEARLY Too Late For Germany”, Speaks Candidly On German Immigration

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Editor’s update: It was brought to our attention by Rebecca Sommer herself that there were (a very small amount of) factual inaccuracies in her statements that were improperly reported by Free Market Shooter and a number of other outlets.  We have complied with her requests, and updated our article accordingly.  Specifics on changes have been provided at the end of the article.  


It’s no secret that Islam is abrasive, dominating, and suffers from a superiority complex of massive proportions…

…Well, that is – for some people it’s not a secret…

Images of Rebecca Sommer are Copyright of Facebook, as Sommer is a crybaby who demanded we remove an image which was “Copyright” of her

When Rebecca Sommer, founder of German refugee aid association Arbeitsgruppe Flucht + Menschen-Rechte (Working Group Asylum + Human Rights), sat down with for an interview regarding how her views on German immigration have changed, the publication was accused of falsifying her statements and attributing words on her behalf.

The publication, however, proved the authenticity of the interview’s contents and Sommer even willingly expanded on her original statements.

Sommer explains a large majority of her experience with refugees was in 2015, when her NGO had nearly 300 volunteers who were giving German courses to new arrivals to the country:

I thought their medieval view was going to change with time… but after having seen these situations occur repeatedly and observing what was happening around me, I… had to recognize that the Muslim refugees have grown up with values that are totally different, they have undergone brainwashing from childhood on and are indoctrinated by Islam and absolutely do not intend to adopt our values. Worse, they regard we infidels with disdain and arrogance.

Sommer also says she isn’t an isolated case amongst her group – she details that many volunteers have also began to feel the same way that she does and that, overall, there are far fewer volunteers willing to work with the new arrivals into Germany. Sommer explained:

It was a jarring perception when I noticed that these people I had helped, who were eating, drinking, dancing and laughing with me, who didn’t pray, who didn’t go to the mosque, who didn’t respect Ramadan, who made fun of religion and deeply religious people, called me ‘the stupid German whore’ when they were eating my food and were in my garden.

When asked how well migrants have assimilated into a Westernized society over the years, Sommer had this to say:

Many still do not work and barely speak German. They stay in their groups… Others have been criminals. Or they have radicalized. Or later it comes to light that they were ISIS fighters… Of course there are exceptions, they work, they speak German, but the so-called ‘head scarf’ – the perception of themselves as a Muslim, as something better… remains in the majority after all.

Sommer also details “harassment of volunteers” by migrants that went unreported to the police because “none of the volunteers wanted to be seen as an opponent of refugees and cause problems for the center”.

When asked about the attitude immigrants held toward women and basic human rights, Sommer shared:

If immigrants are asked about their attitude to basic human rights, such as equality, personal freedom and equality between man and woman, about 75%… would admit that they disagree with them.

Sommer also exposes that “the overwhelming majority of… refugees… are men” when she was asked about the notion that it was largely women and children emigrating to Europe from war-savaged lands.

Sommer also detailed the rise in crime levels since Germany opened their borders and the worsening of the school system as classrooms are overrun with anti-Westernized Muslim children that herd together in a group who, according to Sommer, “understand the world as ‘Muslims against others'”.

Sommer points out the uncertainty for the future:

…In the next election… we can see a new phenomenon – Muslims will sooner or later establish their party and because they already have a large electorate, they will be unstoppable. With the help of the left wing… they will begin to change the rules to which we will have to adapt… If we do not wake up quickly, the whole situation will end tragically.



The sheer scope of “refugees” from Western-hating, Middle Eastern countries being imported into Westernized, modern societies has left a long trail of victims – one that doesn’t seem like it will be ending anytime soon. “Activists” like Rebecca Sommer should have a fitful time of sleeping at night, considering the blood and victims that have been shed in the name of radical Islam, such as 11-year-old Ebba Åkerlund, who made the mistake of merely walking home from school and was run over by a terrorist in a box truck – just another in the numerous terror attacks on innocent citizens of Sweden in 2017…

Sommer’s actions and beliefs did not directly cause Ebba’s fate, but certainly contributed to it. Sommer’s cowardice is on full display, as she has chosen to criticize Free Market Shooter for calling her out on her beliefs, rather than to attempt to rectify her mistakes and work towards making meaningful change in German immigration laws.  

It will be up to the citizens of Germany to change their future. If they do not, mistakes made by individuals such as Rebecca Sommer will ultimately be to blame for uncontrollable migrants residing in Germany.


Editor’s note, continued:  Rebecca Sommer reached out to us via several mediums demanding that we amend our article to reflect that she stated that she would “sue” us.  We have changed the article to reflect that she (allegedly) did not state that she would emigrate to Poland, and to reflect that instead of merely stating it was “too late for Germany”, she stated “it’s NEARLY too late for Germany”, very minor changes to an otherwise factually correct post.    

In addition, she demanded we remove an image of her that was copyright of hers.  We have replaced any image of her with images of her taken from her Facebook account, which are copyright of Facebook, not Rebecca Sommer.  

As described in the original article by Jon Hall, any potentially “misleading” quote of hers was sourced from an already updated article from in which Sommer herself expanded on her earlier statements.  Jon Hall’s content was sourced almost entirely in fact, and as a courtesy to Sommer, as well as a desire to publish information which is as factually accurate as possible, we have complied with Sommer’s requests.  

  • El Rey de la Muerte

    Poland needs to deny this c*nt entrance & throw her back to Germany.

    • Robert Sparks

      You are hartless and evil. We see you.

      • jbwilson24

        He is completely correct. She has screwed up Germany and deserves to reap what she sows.

      • El Rey de la Muerte

        What’s so “evil” about Poland not letting her in so she can take responsibility for the mess she helped create in her own country & undo it?

      • Jason Calley

        If you accidentally catch your neighbor’s house on fire, should you stay, and try to put out the fire? Or should you move to another neighborhood that does not have so many fires?

    • Justmom

      Otherwise, she’s liable to try to “fix” Poland!

    • Tony

      The best anticommunist is a former communist, the best antifascist is one from a fascist country. No, they should let her in and promote her and her work.

      • El Rey de la Muerte

        You have a point, but I think she needs to help fix her country first before she is to be let in.

  • Jim

    This is just the beginning. Just wait until white men see the writing on the wall and start converting to Islam. Then these stupid white treacherous bitches will really be in for a surprise.

    • jbwilson24

      Already happening. An AFD member in Germany (anti immigration politician) just converted to Islam because he was tired of the degeneracy of the German left.

      Once german men realize that they can have far more prestige as Muslim men, you’ll see the floodgates open. Why would you be a secular German man and be told to shut up and check your privilege when you can convert to Islam and treat women like crap?

      • Jim

        Exactly! Just as Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X set the tone for the black Muslim movement the White Muslim movement will feature outright attacks on the who caused it to rise: Liberals (Jews) Gays and say goodbye to women’s rights. Islam would the White men to enjoy acting like and feeling like man again! Turkey used to be a Christian country until the same thing happened there. The White Muslim movement will also work with the black Muslim movement. Google American Nazi leader George Rockwell and his Entourage of fully clothed Nazis sitting in the front row of a 6,000 Strong Nation of Islam rally. When Malcolm X asked the crowd to donate Rockwell stood up and pulled out his wallet. Both men remained in contact till Malcolm’s death and Rockwell was killed like Malcolm was 2 years later by a fellow members of his organization. Still it’s a powerful picture and it will happen. Believe me I see it coming.

  • Ron Liebermann

    At issue here is the question of whether hostile populations can remain in Western Countries: I say they cannot. As an example, I would suggest that you read this article about Israel:

    Consider this excerpt: “BEYOND THE COURT’S emphatic rationale, the decision is significant because repressive measures like this have spread, and continue to spread, far beyond Kansas. Indeed, as we have repeatedly reported and documented, the single greatest threat to free speech in the West — and in the U.S. — is the coordinated, growing campaign to outlaw and punish those who advocate for or participate in activism to end the Israeli occupation.”

    The key point is that there is tremendous sympathy by the left for the Arabs who still believe in terrorism. Unfortunately, that same sympathy extends to other protected groups.
    That’s why we have “Black Lives Matter.” So I wrote a letter to the editor of The Intercept, and here it is:

    Dear Mr. Greenwald,

    I don’t think that you understand the situation. The West, including Israel, is under attack from from various ideological enemies. You think of this conflict in terms of free speech; Western nations think of this conflict in terms of survival. During times of war, the rules of engagement change. Right now, Israel, Europe, and America are being invaded by foreign peoples; including but not limited to Muslims, blacks, and Hispanics. I wish that this problem could be solved with peaceful negotiation, but it cannot.

    In the real world, the use of force is sometimes necessary. That means expelling the Palestinians from Israel, and deporting most Muslims, Hispanics, and Negroes from the United States. A total war will have to be fought if we are to save civilization. That’s an unpleasant reality, but a reality nonetheless. Do you remember what happened when white South Africa tried to end apartheid? It was a total disaster, the blacks destroyed everything. That experiment will never be tried again, which leaves us with only one choice: absolute military domination. If you want to know what we are fighting for, I recommend that you read “The great Heresies” by Hilaire Belloc.


    Ron Liebermann

    • jbwilson24

      I agree with you completely. This is not a war of ideas. We are fighting a demographic war of survival. Millions of low IQ, violent, primitive, rapacious savages have been let loose into Europe. Many are coming with the express intent to conquer, and leaders like Erdogan are openly telling them to breed and take over European countries. It is not a conspiracy theory when the leader of Turkey openly says this on TV.

      Germany, the UK, Sweden (etc) are facing ethnic replacement by rapidly breeding foreign groups. Each Muslim can import up to four spouses in the UK, and they often have 4.5 kids per woman. All on welfare, paid for by the British. Anti-semitism is surging, gang rapes are a major problem, veterinarians are reporting spikes in animal abuse, women can’t walk safely at night alone, homosexuals are being attacked in Amsterdam, etc etc.

      It is either mass population transfer, civil war, or demographic destruction. The same goes for Israel, where Jews (save the Orthodox) are being outbred.

      A lot of left wing Jews support open migration to European countries and the USA/Canada/Australia/etc. Same goes for the Catholic nutcases.

      I am glad to know there are some Jews who realize what is happening. I support Israel in its struggle to remain a Jewish state, but it saddens me that so many Jews in the west want open borders for the rest of us.

    • John

      The only “foreign peoples” who have invaded the self-proclaimed “State of Israel” are the Zionist Jews. Read “The Iron Wall” by Vladimir Jabotinsky, which describes the Zionist colonisation project. Jabotinsky was one of the founders of the modern State of Israel and godfather of the Likud party, which continues his “iron wall” policy to this day.

  • jbwilson24

    She should remain in Germany and suffer the consequences of her actions. Why should innocent German children be raped while this traitorous weasel slips off in to Poland to make life worse for Poles?

  • Rebecca Sommer

    I am REBECCA SOMMER, and you are spreading FAKE NEWS about me. I raise awareness about the problems in Germany and Europe, I DO LIVE AND STAY AND REMAIN IN GERMANY, and I NEVER said it is TOO LATE for Germany, so get your facts straight, and correct your stupid article, otherwise I will sue you.

    • Duane Norman

      As per your (extremely impolite) request via Disqus, Facebook and email, the article has been amended and any (potentially) false information has been removed.

      In addition, your request for changes stated that you said it is “nearly too late” instead of simply “too late”. This is a very minor omission of quotation by the article’s author, Jon Hall. However, in the interests of accuracy, we have changed it as per your request.

      Please direct any further criticism and/or requests to the article’s author, Jon Hall, whose contact information is on our “About The Authors” page of the site.

    • Jerome Paradis

      Hi miss Sommer, so i have a question….Do Germany deny the problem of high criminality might come from refugee?So that true that rape case are 300% higher ? Because lot of fake new and hard to get the true.

  • angelicvh

    There are stories here and there that come out of Sweden, though it is against the law to speak out there. The Europe of sophistication and intellectual discourse is mostly gone…The Muslim immigrants are mostly men, don’t assimilate, few work….The bits and pieces that come out all support her view.

  • angelicvh

    She did not screw up Germany, their Nazi guilt has made them a target for anything that will make them appear more humane…It is happening all over Europe. She is a voice of experience and for good.