Trump vs. Clinton & Media

The GotNews & WeSearchr teams have been working overtime to debunk and discredit the litany of “sexual assault” accusers coming out of the woodwork at the beck and call of the Hillary Clinton campaign:

1. Jessica Leeds (New York Times): Caused over $1 million in alleged damages as broker, has personal problem with ‘alpha males’ published in the New York Times a decade ago, her daughter had a VIP meeting with Joe Biden in 2012, and later her story was CONFIRMED as a hoax thanks to airplane and flight details.

Source: DEBUNKED: The Lying Women Who Are Accusing @realDonaldTrump  |  GotNews

You really need to click the above link, and check out both GotNews and its partner site WeSearchr.  Take a look at the many examples of Charles C. Johnson’s and Pax Dickinson’s work to uncover the truth behind media scams. These guys are doing an excellent job at investigating the validity of not just the claims against Trump, but the claimants themselves, and what they could possibly have to gain by coming forward now.

Why did all of these people all of a sudden wait until Trump became the Republican Presidential nominee and participate in two debates to come forward?  The Trump campaign is hardly in the wrong for citing the MSM as in the tank for Hillary.  Not only is the timing extremely suspect, but the extensive coverage given to the claimants has all but drowned out the chorus of voices against Hillary’s campaign in the MSM’s own news cycle.

We are witnessing the death of traditional media as it exists.  For example, we all knew Anderson Cooper was a biased moderator, but I for one had no idea about all the backstory on his past.  Notably his lies in regard to his trips to Africa, Burma and Vietnam, among many other mistruths he shared about his past, and how he got his current role.

Your old-school MSM outlets are being taken to task and outed by the excellent investigative work put forward by GotNews and the many other news sources who are more concerned with the truth than they are with ratings or appeasing their network sponsors.  Sooner or later, they will cease to exist, as people will instead choose to get the news from places that report in facts, and not those who parade false accusations in support of their sponsors in an attempt to further their own narrative.

In fact, these days, perhaps the only reason to watch traditional news coverage is to see what false narrative they will put forward next, and see how it will be debunked in the future.  Just check out Chuck’s site and his partner Pax’s site to bring the MSM lies into the light and see for yourself.  If you’re as disappointed with traditional media as I am, you won’t be disappointed in what you find out.