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UPDATE: Explosive Claims Further The Seth Rich Investigation

The investigation into the mysterious murder of Seth Rich has been a long, convoluted saga – and that’s putting it lightly.

In the early morning hours of July 10, 2016, Seth Rich was shot on the streets of Washington, D.C. Though the police department labeled Rich’s murder as a “botched robbery”, Rich’s wallet, credit cards, and watch were left on his person. He was transported to the hospital but succumbed to his gunshot wounds just hours later. Since the murder, no official police report has been released publicly. No body cameras worn by responding officers has been released. Instead of answering (or even asking) any real questions, the mainstream media has been more than content to focus on the “botched robbery” angle of Rich’s murder and exclusively that.

Then, almost a full year after the murder in May 2017, Rod Wheeler – a private investigator working for the Rich family – confirmed that Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks prior to his death. Fox News, after reporting Wheeler’s bombshell claim, eventually retracted the report giving deluge to accusations of the story being “baseless” and “discredited”. Late May, I also chronicled instances that didn’t add up with the Seth Rich investigation. Beyond that, the furor over the unsolved murder slowly fizzled out and slid into the back of the public’s collective conscious…

…That is, until now…

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Episode 04 – FMShooter Podcast

Episode 04 of the Free Market Shooter podcast has been released; this week’s episode again features Jon Hall as a “guest” of the show.  A link is below:

Episode 04 – FMShooter Podcast

This week’s episode features discussion on recent developments in the Awan Brothers saga, Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci, HBO and paid network programming bias, and much more.


More information about the podcast, as well as a full recap of all episodes, can be found at the FMShooter Podcast page on this site, which is also linked in the site’s page list.

If you are interested in coming on the Free Market Shooter podcast as a guest, please contact Duane Norman.

There Was No Good Reason To Fire “The Mooch” After Just Ten Days

On July 21st, Anthony Scaramucci, affectionately known as “The Mooch” by the media (and everyone else), was hired to be President Trump’s White House Communications Director.  His short tenure consisted of the following:

  • The resignation of Sean Spicer
  • The relentless attack of “leakers” within the Trump Administration
  • Attacks on White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus for “leaking” information
  • A published article of a rant by Scaramucci in regards to Priebus
  • The firing of Priebus shortly after the rant was leaked
  • The hiring of General John Kelly to replace Reince Priebus
  • The termination of the Mooch by President Trump

Hated by some, loved by others, the Mooch’s short tenure was filled with one-liners targeting “leakers” within the administration.  And no matter how you feel about The Mooch, his brash style alone was no reason to fire him after just ten days on the job.

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John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight: A Beacon of Truth Or Just More of The Same Bias?

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight on HBO premiered in April 2014 and still airs today. Before getting his own cable news show, Oliver was prominently featured on The Daily Show as a correspondent. In an interview with THR in May, a month before Last Week Tonight aired, Oliver spoke of the freedoms offered by working with HBO:

“You can have real freedom…” says Oliver. “To do a very aggressive piece on [General Motors] before a congressional investigation, that’s potentially a problem on commercial TV. I don’t think it would be outlawed. But I think there would be a sense of, ‘Do you have to do this?'”

Yes, with HBO’s “real freedom”, it was easy to champion himself as the underdog that wanted to get to work doing real investigative journalism but did Oliver live up to his own high standards? Over the course of the show’s run, Oliver’s corporate bias became exceedingly clear.

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Episode 03 – FMShooter Podcast

Episode 03 of the Free Market Shooter podcast has been released; this week’s episode again features Jon Hall as a “guest” of the show.  A link is below:

Episode 03 – FMShooter Podcast

This week’s episode features discussion on the Awan Brothers saga, the Mohamed Noor shooting, the continued failure of Obamacare repeal/replacement bills, and much more.


More information about the podcast, as well as a full recap of all episodes, can be found at the FMShooter Podcast page on this site, which is also linked in the site’s page list.

If you are interested in coming on the Free Market Shooter podcast as a guest, please contact Duane Norman.

Why Hasn’t Trump Said More About The Awan Brothers?

Free Market Shooter has covered the saga of the Awan brothers since early February:

While most know about the Yemen raid, most do not know about the dismissal of the three Awan brothers, Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan.  On February 2nd, they were abruptly removed from their positions of managing information technology for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.  Though they were initially suspected merely of stealing equipment, a connection with the previously-hacked computers of Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) revealed something far more sinister:

Three members of the intelligence panel and five members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs were among the dozens of members who employed the suspects on a shared basis. The two committees deal with many of the nation’s most sensitive issues and documents, including those related to the war on terrorism.

However, there have been a number of developments since then, especially in the past few days.  Imran Awan was arrested at Washington-Dulles International Airport trying to leave the US, but only after he transferred approximately $300,000 to Pakistan, and crushed hard drives from his former residence were turned over to authorities:

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Mohamed Noor’s “Fast-Tracked” Police Training Highlights The Failures Of Affirmative Action

On Saturday, July 15th, Justine Damond was shot and killed by Officer Mohamed Noor after responding to a noise complaint made by Damond:

The Minnesota cop who shot and killed an Australian bride-to-be opened fire on her after being startled by a “loud sound” near his patrol car, investigators say.

Officer Mohamed Noor, 31, began blasting at 40-year-old Justine Damond, of Minneapolis, just moments after he and his partner, Matthew Harrity, heard the noise in the alley behind her house, according to the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

One notable difference between this shooting and others that make headlines is the fact that a black man (a Somali migrant, no less) shot and killed a white woman; one could only imagine the public’s reaction would be far different if the “race shoe” was on the other foot.

No matter the circumstances, the prudent thing to do in all instances of shootings is to wait until the facts come out before making any judgments.  And in Noor’s case, the facts point towards a bad decision, which was spurred on by poor officer training and relaxed hiring standards that were focused on adding “members of the community” to the police force.

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Are Our First Amendment Rights Being Properly Protected?

Every word found in the Bill of Rights was written by the Founders for a reason, and we must never forget that. If one of our rights comes under attack, then all of them are at risk (which is why we must continue to advocate for the right to bear arms, despite protests from those on the left who still don’t understand this fact). When security or safety are cited, we must be very careful to make sure we aren’t being taken advantage of, as it is far more difficult to gain our rights back after they have been taken away.

Currently, it appears our First Amendment Rights are the ones requiring the most vigilance. People are fighting the good fight for gun rights and spreading the truth, and many of our other rights aren’t under attack (no one is looking to quarter troops in American homes). Yet people are watching what they say more often—anyone against the large government agenda is quickly silenced—and the government is getting involved in Americans lives beyond an acceptable level. We need protection for our rights, and here we take a look at why we need to be paying attention:

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Hell Hath No Fury Like President Trump Scorned


Saturday morning, President Trump launched a multi-tweet firestorm spanning ten tweets.

Though the topics of his ire wildly varied, one thing is apparent: Slowly, President Trump is switching to be on the offensive; as opposed to being on the attack. Interestingly, this is the closest thing to the fabled “pivot” (as mainstream media frothed at the mouth over back when he was on the campaign trail) I’ve seen Trump enact.

In an attempt to amp up the focus on his agenda, he called for his Senators to “step up to the plate” to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. After that was accomplished, he called for tax reform and updating infrastructure.

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Only 6% of Americans Think The Russian Narrative Is Important

In a poll released on Monday by Bloomberg News, it was revealed that only a mere 6% of Americans think the Russian narrative is important. Overwhelmingly, Americans were more concerned with healthcare reform, unemployment, terrorism, and immigration over the baseless Russia hysteria plaguing the mainstream media.

Take note of the source: coming from the left-leaning Bloomberg means that this isn’t Fake News.

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