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Is The Risk Of Nuclear Power Worth The Reward?

These days, the “climate change” movement is constantly looking for ways to justify taking fossil fuel power plants offline, via any means necessary.  Whether it’s over-regulation or the ubiquitous “carbon tax,” the global warming team has deemed that fossil fuels are a plague that must be eliminated from the planet (but really just western nations) at any cost.

While they might not ultimately be entirely wrong, they sure are blind to the people harmed the most – those who are local to fossil fuel generated power, NOT the global scale of “carbon pollution” that is constantly mentioned.  For instance, China’s smog is as bad as it is not just because of transportation-fueled pollution, but because of how prolific coal-fired power is in China.  As MishTalk points out, the Paris Accord was ultimately useless and irrelevant:

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You Need To Take A Closer Look At The Real “Refugees” Before You Denounce “Vetting”

Plenty of mainstream media outlets have been critical of the Trump executive orders regarding immigration and “vetting” of refugees.  There are too many to list, but I will use an excerpt from a U.S. News article to drive the general point home:

When the United States accepts refugees from countries with a significant Muslim population, we undermine the anti-American hatred that underlies Islamic State group recruitment. Closing America’s door to Syrian refugees, therefore, is not only a heartless hiccup in our nation’s history, it also validates Islamic State group propaganda, advances the group’s agenda and drives refugees back into the arms of dangerous terrorists. By turning away Syrian refugees, Trump is plunging America into a national security nightmare.

The “fact-check” website Snopes (which has previously been outed as being heavily liberal-biased, being run by a “failed liberal blogger”) also gets in on the act, saying that Syrian kids aren’t holding guns, instead labeling them as “Pakistani”:

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Peak Liberal Protest Idiocy: Protesting Chuck Schumer Outside His Apartment

I’m on record as stating how unproductive, foolish and dangerous the recent liberal protests have been, and that’s before you even bring the hypocrisy factor into play.  But a liberal protest against Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)?  That is taking hypocrisy and idiocy to a whole ‘nother level.

In spite of their previous relationship and the money Trump has donated to Schumer in the past, Schumer has opposed Trump at every turn since he became the Republican nominee for President.  Schumer has used his position as Senate Minority Leader to stump against Trump at every possible opportunity, starting on the very day Trump took office:

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FATCA Needs To Go, But Unfortunately, The FATCA “Refugees” Are Never Coming Back

GotNews posted an article yesterday about a “refugee problem” America has, referring to approximately 20,000 Americans who have renounced their citizenship under Obama’s leadership, and suggesting America “repatriate” said citizens:

America has a refugee problem. Not the Syrian refugees. No, not the Afghan ones. No, not even the Cuban refugees. I’m talking about the born-and-raised American citizens who got fed up, gave up their U.S. citizenship, and escaped Obama’s America while they still could.

Yes, that’s right: nearly 20,000 American citizens left Obama’s America and forfeited their American citizenship while Obama was President.

Nearly 20,000 U.S. citizens voluntarily gave up their rights to vote, run for office, and the freedom to pursue “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, while Obama was in office.

We shouldn’t be allowing anyone from the violent and dangerous Middle East, including so-called “refugees”, into the United States right now. The only refugees who should be entering the United States are the American refugees who fled Obama’s America. Not only do we have that duty to our fellow Americans, but they pose no threat to us like Middle Eastern “refugees” do.

What was missing from the article?  Discussion of the Obama-sponsored law that caused many citizens (mostly expats) to renounce their citizenship: FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act).

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Overpass Protective Fences: “Walls” That Should Not Be Built

It seems I’m just no longer with the times.  Apparently throwing things like eggs and snowballs at cars traveling on freeways (dangerous enough in its own respect) doesn’t get a rise among children anymore.  Because kids have “graduated” to throwing much more dangerous objects at cars from freeway overpasses.

In May of last year, an 18-year-old in Philadelphia was charged with throwing railroad spikes and rocks from an overpass onto cars passing below, all for the fun of it.  I actually needed to see it to believe it:

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Pennsylvania Prosecutors – Upholding The Law, By Breaking The Law

Centre County DA Stacy Parks Miller

Last night, a former Penn State student who had read my prior article on Pizzagate, which included a bit on Jerry Sandusky and a former Centre County DA,  sent me an article about current Centre County DA Stacy Parks Miller.  The article detailed her involvement in creating a fake Facebook profile to spy on people involved with cases she was trying:

Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller told employees in 2011 that she’d created a fake Facebook page to “snoop” on “defendants or witnesses,” according to an email attached to a court filing last week.

Billy Penn reported in March last year that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Board investigated Parks Miller after rumors circulated about the maneuver among the legal community. It’s unclear if that investigation continues, and disciplinary board investigations are confidential.

The whole story was quite intriguing, and I decided to do a little bit of investigation into Parks Miller and the allegations against her.  Lo and behold, the fake Facebook profile accusation was hardly the first allegation Parks Miller has had against her during her tenure as DA.

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The Hypocrisy Of This Weekend’s Protests: Stunning, But Not Surprising

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of protesters descended on Washington DC and many other other cities across our nation.  The aim of the protests was to demonstrate women’s rights, and use female disgust for Trump’s alleged lack of respect for women as a springboard to protesting Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States.

The farcical and hypocritical nature of the “women’s rights” protest was on display from the get-go, as they were focused on Trump alone, with no mention of another womanizer in attendance at Trump’s Inauguration, who just so happened to be a former President of the United States as well.  Notably, his womanizing was on full display, as he ogled Ivanka (or was it Melania?) Trump at the Inauguration:

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Make No Mistake About It, Trump Voters Will Be Blamed For The Coming Economic Collapse

Note: This article was originally written for Single Dude Travel
Trump supporters

On Friday January 20th, Donald Trump will take office as President of the United States, replacing Barack Obama.  Eight years prior, when Obama took office, the Dow Jones was at 7,929, the S&P 500 was at 805.22, and the Feb 2009 unemployment rate was 8.3%.  During Obama’s tenure, the stock market has risen considerably while the unemployment rate has gone down substantially.  As of Friday January 6th of 2017, the Dow was up 251%, at 19,980, the S&P 500 was up 283% at 2279.22, and as of the most recent report, the unemployment rate is now down almost half, to 4.7%.  If those are the only indicators you were to look at, you would think that Obama’s presidency has been a remarkable recovery from market meltdown that occurred in 2008.

If things are going so great and the Democratic party has done such a remarkable job, how is it that Donald Trump was able to convince so many people (including myself) that he was the best option for this country?

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Found In Obama’s Latest Guantanamo Prisoner Transfer Manifest – Bin Laden’s Drivers, Bodyguards And Possible 9/11 Conspirators

On Monday, 10 inmates at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba were transferred to Oman by order of President Obama.  This is not the first time Oman has accepted prisoners transferred from the facility, though the majority of Guantanamo detainees are transferred to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.  Though the prisoners are initially transferred to prison facilities within the country accepting them, they are often quickly released by the accepting countries, and in some cases they are able to escape from custody and/or monitoring.  And though Oman is considered to be relatively stable compared to Yemen and Saudi Arabia, it is still a third world country on the Arabian peninsula, and is said to have been compromised by Al-Qaeda affiliates infiltrating the country by way of Yemen.

It is baffling that Obama thinks transferring these high-risk individuals to Muslim or third world countries is a good idea, especially considering the countries in question have prison facilities are far less safe, and are often compromised from within.  But what makes it even worse is when you take a closer look at the detainees that have been transferred out of US custody. 

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Suppressors – The First Battle In The New Push For Gun Rights

Donald Trump Jr. Firing Suppressed Rifle

Donald Trump Jr. Firing Suppressed Rifle

The first push for gun rights in the upcoming Trump administration is already shaping up, and Trump hasn’t even taken office yet.

The Hearing Protection Act of 2017 (HPA) was introduced a week ago today, on Monday January 9th.  The bill is aimed at removing suppressors from regulation under the National Firearms Act (NFA), which requires an extremely difficult application process and a $200 “tax stamp” to “transfer” ownership from one individual to another.  The NRA sums up the truth on suppressors and the HPA below:

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