John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight on HBO premiered in April 2014 and still airs today. Before getting his own cable news show, Oliver was prominently featured on The Daily Show as a correspondent. In an interview with THR in May, a month before Last Week Tonight aired, Oliver spoke of the freedoms offered by working with HBO:

“You can have real freedom…” says Oliver. “To do a very aggressive piece on [General Motors] before a congressional investigation, that’s potentially a problem on commercial TV. I don’t think it would be outlawed. But I think there would be a sense of, ‘Do you have to do this?'”

Yes, with HBO’s “real freedom”, it was easy to champion himself as the underdog that wanted to get to work doing real investigative journalism but did Oliver live up to his own high standards? Over the course of the show’s run, Oliver’s corporate bias became exceedingly clear.

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