On a recent post at Single Dude Travel, Manuel and I had a comment back-and-forth, and one of the things we touched on was gun rights vs. immigration and secure borders.  Manuel hypothetically asked how many people he thought I could handle with a semi-auto AR-15.  He also pointed out the fact that a mob that big in the USA would likely have at least someone who was armed.

Soon afterwards, I tweeted about a deceptively edited CNN report on the shooting of Sylville Smith.  Sylville’s sister Sherelle was quoted by CNN as saying “don’t bring that violence here”, but of course, the scumbags at CNN left out the important part of her quote:

“Burnin down shit ain’t going to help nothin! Y’all burnin’ down shit we need in our community. Take that shit to the suburbs. Burn that shit down! We need our shit!  We need our weaves. I don’t wear it. But we need it.”

Eventually I stopped cursing CNN for implying that the family was trying to be nonviolent, when they were in fact advocating violence against affluent whites.  But then, I started thinking about all the BLM protests, riots, and the police response to these situations.  And it got me wondering… what do you do if they really do bring that shit to your doorstep?  Given the nature of what is going on in this country today, and how quickly one of these protests can spiral out of control, this is very much within the realm of possibility.  And you need to prepare yourself in case it does happen, whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural area.

No matter where you live, there are a few things you need to do right away:

1) Ready all available weapons, and arm yourself and everyone who is hunkering down with you.  This is why I tell everyone I know to buy a gun and learn how to use it NOW, before it is too late.  Ideally you will have a semi-auto rifle such as an AR-15, with a 20-30 round magazine, depending on caliber.  You don’t know how many threats you’ll have to deal with, and those 2-3 seconds spent reloading can mean the difference between life and death.  If you live in one of our country’s urban utopias where gun ownership is difficult if not impossible, hopefully you still have some sort of firearm; even a .22 revolver or a bolt-action rifle is better than nothing.  If not, arm yourself with whatever you can; bats, knives, bow & arrow, blunt objects… anything will work.  You have to assume that if anyone busts in the door, they’re coming to harm or kill you, and you have to be prepared to defend yourself accordingly.

2) Get inside your home/dwelling, lock your doors/windows, and barricade them to the best of your ability.  There are almost no circumstances where you want to go outside your home to engage a mob.  Put it out of your mind and focus on doing the best job you can of making your home as inaccessible as possible to whoever might want to do you harm.  After you lock the doors/windows, block them with bookcases, tables, cabinets… anything you can.  Difficult entry will give the mob every incentive to skip your house and move on.

3) Call the police and/or 911, inform them of your situation, and if you feel it is pertinent, request a police presence.  Most likely, your request will fall on deaf ears, as the police will have much bigger issues to deal with besides safeguarding your white ass.  However, record of this call and your situation will be very important to have if you or anyone in your home ends up using deadly force to safeguard their life.

As I said… the police will likely have their hands full

4) Carefully monitor the situation outside your dwelling to the best of your ability.  You heard someone banging on your door?  You need to determine if that banging is a threat.  It could be the mob… but it could also those cops you called, or a neighbor/friend looking for a place to hide out.  Having a careful handle on the situation will help prevent you from engaging people who aren’t actually threats to your life.  If you feel you have no choice but to engage someone outside your home, use common sense when doing so.  In nearly every circumstance, you can’t legally shoot an unarmed rioter outside your home, even if they are destroying your property or breaking your windows.  Even discharging your firearm as a deterrent can land you in hot water when the riot subsides and the police investigate where the gunshots came from.

5) If one or more people break into your home, you have to be mentally prepared to take whatever action is necessary.  The mob is in your house now, armed with who knows what, and you will need to defend yourself.  Stay calm, don’t freeze up, and be decisive.  Truth be told, I’m not sure about verbal warnings once people are in your home.  You will have to use your discretion on whether or not you want to yell at them that you’re armed.  This could work to deter aggressors and get them out, but it could also be to your disadvantage.  If the intruders are armed, they will be prepared for armed resistance if you warn them, and those guns you own could be coveted by looters.  There is no right answer here, you just want to make the best decision for your well-being that you can.

You need to keep the law in the back of your head if you choose to use deadly force.  Yes, I know it’s “better to be judged by twelve than carried by six”, but you can still face a charge and a jury, even if your use of force is justified.  Prosecutors are overzealously charging justifiable homicide as murder/manslaughter these days.  Understanding the law means knowing that you can’t just go willy-nilly blasting people because they stepped foot on your property.  You can only hope that the authorities understand your situation if you do end up pumping some lead into a bunch of goons that broke through your front door.  You still might catch a charge regardless of what happens – prepare yourself accordingly. 

So He had a gun

Yes, this idiot was pointing a loaded gun with a round chambered at his photographer

The situation will play out differently depending on what type of area you live in.  The more urban you are, the more likely you are to face down a riot.  However, higher population densities also bring about a larger number of targets for the rioters to focus on – if they can’t get to you, they are more likely to quickly change direction.   The more rural you are, the more you will want to band together with others – if the mob goes in your direction, there might not be many other places for them to burn down.  No matter where you are, the more people you have with you, the greater your odds are.

If you own a business with storefront in an area that experiences riots… well, I hope you have insurance.  You will have to decide if you want to physically protect your business or not.  Korean-Americans did this very effectively during the LA riots of 1992, and more recently, store owners did this effectively during the riots in Ferguson, Missouri.  Investigate examples to see how business owners protected their storefronts when the police are stretched thin, if you are so inclined to risk your life for your business.


You think anyone was gonna loot or burn down this tattoo parlor?

No matter how busy the police are, once they get the “shots fired” call on the radio, they’re coming quick, and with guns drawn.  Make sure you’ve neutralized the threat first, and then contact the authorities.  They need to understand the situation so that they don’t come and blow your head off too.  Bear in mind that whether they read you your rights or not, if they choose to charge you, they’re going to use everything you said and did against you in court.  Give the authorities as little information as necessary, and don’t be afraid to lawyer up.  An attorney will make sure you give the authorities the necessary information while still protecting you at the same time.

If you think this can’t happen in your area, wake the fuck up.  A family member of a police shooting victim was in front of news cameras, encouraging rioting, looting, and violence in affluent neighborhoods.  And this was directly after rioters had just burned down several neighborhoods.  To think the BLM protesters can’t march for an hour or so to your doorstep is extremely naïve.  The above steps can help prepare you if the rioters do end up in your neighborhood.  One day I will publish a more comprehensive guide on “light” prepping; if you think I don’t go far enough in my preparation, there are plenty of SHTF guides out there that will be what you are looking for instead.


I don’t identify as “conservative”, but the point still stands.  Don’t fuck with gun owners.