About The Authors

Duane Norman

Duane Norman is the Owner/Operator/Administrator and Editor-in-Chief of Free Market Shooter.  A thirty-something male living in the Northeast United States, Duane is a staunch advocate of free markets, legal gun ownership, and exposing the lies of mainstream media, in addition to a number of other topics.  Duane is also a contributing author for the following websites:

Contact information for Duane Norman is available here.


Jon Hall

Jon Hall is avidly interested in U.S. politics and technology. Anti-Democrat, anti-Republican, anti-Globalism; Hall hones in with laser-focus, holding politicians and officials accountable for any misdoings. Hall has been featured on Zerohedge, The Burning Platform, and the Drudge Report, and is also a featured author on Voice of Europe, helping bring his coverage on the European Migrant Crisis to a broader audience.

Jon Hall can be contacted via Twitter.


Ben Isaac

Ben Isaac was a contributor at REGATED.com before joining Free Market Shooter, writing about national news and offering perspective on the mood of the voters. Ben is a registered Independent voter in South Carolina. Ben is more interested in the truth than partisanship, and is determined to restore the integrity back to journalism.


Jim Reinhardt

Jim Reinhardt is a co-host of Free Market Shooter’s podcast, and Free Market Shooter’s Senior Meme Correspondent. He can be reached via meme communique only.