🎙 Episode 31 – FMShooter Podcast

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Episode 31 of the Free Market Shooter podcast has been released, after a lengthy hiatus.  Ben Isaac has not been with us (you can listen to the podcast to learn why), but we were fortunate to be able to have stand-in guest Nick Nixon participate with us.  The podcast can be listened to on this page:

The FMShooter YouTube channel can be accessed below – current and previous episodes of the podcast can be accessed there – please help expand the podcast’s reach by subscribing to the channel:

FMShooter YouTube Channel

This week’s episode features discussion on the Syria cruise missile strikes and their political/military utility and drawbacks, Mike Pompeo’s meeting with North Korea, the Philadelphia Starbucks incident and its relevance to business and private property, and more.


More information about the podcast, as well as a recap of all episodes, can be found at the FMShooter Podcast page on this site, which is also linked in the site’s page list.

If you are interested in coming on the Free Market Shooter podcast as a guest, please contact Duane Norman.